How are these looking for day 20 from seed

Hi everyone! Long time reader and researcher here and finally decided to join up as this site has been extremely helpful. These are 20 days old today in 1 gallon fabric pots filled with happy frog soil. The light is a 1000 w equivalent something like 208 actual watts KING LED PLUS. 4 in exhaust fan and ducting outside passive air intake with humidifier to maintain humidity on a controller same as exhaust fan. I also have a 6 in hurricane adjustable fan for movement on 24 hrs a day.
Reason I am asking is they really took off for the first 14 days and it has slowed to a crawl. I adjusted my light and feel I have stressed them out by changing the par from about 400 to 500 a bit to early. Kind of see a bit of yellowing like light bleaching on one. Ive readjusted the light. Just curious for an expert eye.


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Looks like you need to transplant to larger pots. Also if possible when posting pics try to get a few with natural light or just with flash from camara. Grow lights make it difficult to see plants.

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For some reason it won’t allow my edit which answered your list of questions. White Widow x Big Bud from True north seeds. Daytime temps 25-27.5 c, Humidity is 53-55%. Night time temps are 23-24 c, humidity is 60%. Indoor 3 x 3 grow tent in gro pro fabric 1 gallon pots. Ph of water is 6.5 measured everytime I have watered. Yet to use my tds meter.I have humdifier running on sensor same as exhaust fan 4 inch. And no C02 as of yet. Was saving that for flowering with increase in par and heat.


I will get em into some 3 gallon fabrics here on Monday. I had this grandiose vision you can veg longer in fabric pots lol. I plan on chopping down to third node and manifolding or mainlining whichever term you prefer to get an even canopy in my tent to the best of my ability. I have a 2000w (408 w equal) coming for flowering.

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I don’t see what your worried about I think the plans look great! The light color in the middle of the plant is from rapid growth. The chlorophyll will make them dark green soon enough.


Thanks and ok on the edit on info. Appreciate the input. First time in a tent so think its more lack of experience and my eyes are seeing things that arent there lol

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They look great to me

If you zoom in there seems to be a few spots that look eaten but the other 3 haven’t been touched. Anyone who can tell me whats up? Should I spread a layer of diatomaceous earth ontop of my soil just in case? I’ve looked pretty closely at it and cannot see anything under leaves or stems yet.

I have moved to 3 gallon gro pro fabric pots the root ball on these were amazing. 2 days since transplant. Leaves had a tiny hole prior to the transplant. I put paper down around it and shook gently to see if i could find droppings from catapillers. Nothing and nothing under leaves.

Day 43 from seed. Ladies got a new light tossing down a nice even 594 umol/s/m2 working on keeping cover level and allowing more space between them. Plants look happy see how they take to this new light. Im just feeding them 2ml a liter of micro/grow every two days seem to work nicely.

Ladies are tucked neatly into their 5 gallon homes and some bluesky organics supersoil to bring them all to a lovely finish. Reset Lst and watered. Getting full in here def need a 4 x 4 upgrade but happy its full lol. I only got about 4 weeks of growth in the 3 gallons they blew up fast.

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Ladies got a slight hair cut last night and look much happier. Also have myself a catapiller. Second application of BTK spray on leaves just before lights out. Otherwise looking great. Drinking around a 1 liter each every other day although I expect that to slow slightly for a week or two while the foilage regrows in. Few more days until I flip the switch!

For anyone using a passive intake and are finding it doesn’t supply enough fresh air fast enough I came up with this simple solution. I ran ducting from my house ducting that draws fresh air from outside and pushes it through a couple filters including a carbon filter I set on a plate I cut with plywood to go over duct. Fabricated a collar from cardboard and mounted hose onto it. I use clip on fan mounted the hose to that to distribute the air via fan. Result is cooler tent temps and a more balanced enviroment. My fan went from running every three minutes for ten min runs. Now its 3 on 3 off. Enviromental conditions remain quite stable more so than before. Once I have the funds this will become a 6 inch intake with fan but this is keeping the girls happier with the increase of light strength.

3 days after defoliation
Directly after hair cut.
I am really liking what I see. The plants filled in more of the footprint. Much to learn but enjoying the ride.

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Day four of flower. Girls seem happy in this super soil will be watching for signs of deficiency and have come o the conclusion I won’t be using any Advanced Nutrients for the finish. Will be using a bloom tea to recharge soil. All new to me but I am looking to work with living soils next. Long ways to go but wonderful sight, Here we Grow!

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Tonight I had to flush out my soil as started on feeding bloom and calmag. Took about 7 liters of ph balanced water with nutrients at 800 ppm to wash out each pot. Hopefully I caught it in time. So for supersoil in this case only lasted 10-12 days for feeding before I had to add nutrients. At the end of the day unless I make my own I will stick to happy frog and nutes. Thing is this soil should technically still be feeding but with plain distilled water it ran out of juice in 10-12 days rough estimate.

They’ve responded well to the flush. The tent is exploding with new leaves. About a week to ten days and I won’t or shouldn’t have to LST anymore as the ladies focus on flowers. Def need a haircut at 3rd week of flower and that should do it.

Very purdy little girls!! :blush:

This catapillar issue just doesn’t seem to clear up. I’ve been using BTK for them specifically and spraying all undersides and tops. So I have decided to incorporate praying mantis in tent and enjoy them tearing the little monsters apart. Also teach my young daughter about raising something. Some may think it is heavy handed but honestly how much more organic can ya get and they look really cool. Hoping this finalizes the issue. After the grow it will be a complete sterilization of equipment and inside tent.

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