How and when to top?

These are my two Amnesia Haze AF, they are a month old since I planted the seeds. They are in about 4gals of Foxfarm Ocean Floor potting soil. Couple of questions… 1 not sure when or how to top them so are they ready to top now? 2 How are they looking for a month old? They started out in some really cloudy and stormy weather so kinda feel they are stunted due to low sunlight but are they looking healthy? Not sure when I should start giving them nutritents with the Foxfarm. TIA


they look great @Wishbone,let your plant grow another true set of leafs at least.min. myself i would go to your 4-5 node true leafs…you are almost ready,maybe a week or so out…jmo good luck!


Looking good there!

I chose FIMMing over topping and grow four tops from one. Like @BIGE says wait till you have a fifth set of true leaves, which won’t be long judging by the look of your healthy sprouts :sunglasses:

Here is a little diagram showing the Fimming vs topping locations.

Hope this helps and happy growing!


There also how to videos on YouTube about topping , fimming, super cropping. All kinds of stuff good luck

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Ty everyone for your advice! @Oldstoner thanks for the YouTube tip! Video makes it so much easier to understand when can watch someone actually doing the tips.



These fokes are awesome right, Great info from all



I like to top at 5 sets of true leafs as others have said. I tried fimming this time around with a little LST and did a little supercropping to give that a try. Topping and fimming are are similar techniques. Fimming results in getting up to 4 colas where as topping you would get 2. If you have a few plants you could try a could of each technique and see the results for yourself. Both techniques are pretty easy to achieve with little effort.

Happy growing

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