How and when to feed my plants big bloom

Hi there, I am new to growing outdoor cannabis especially in my climate of high heats. Long story short, I just transplanted the big plant into new soil, foxfarms happy frog, the small plant I put into a 1 gal pot with the same soil. My main question is when to feed my plants Foxfarms big bloom?

Also I am on city water, so what could I do to water/feed my plants? I believe the city water is too acidic as well as contains chlorine. I read up on the Foxfarms feeding schedule but I’m still a little confused considering I waited to long for the big plant. I germinated both of them in late April, early May. Anything will help!!


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Feed Big Bloom thoughout the entire grow cycle. Big Bloom contains the micronutrients your plant needs to do well.

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Thank you! Last night I went ahead and mixed my big bloom into my gallon of water. I did 6 tablespoons as the Foxfarm feeding schedule recommends. My question is did I do it right and when exactly to feed them the big bloom for the first time?

My wife and I transplanted the big one yesterday evening and small one this morning.

Shouldn’t I wait a few days after transplanting?


I would recommend using half of what the schedule recommends. Remember, they’re in business to sell product, and I think you can get the same results using less. Been my experience anyway.


Thank you, since I already mixed my water with the big bloom of 6 tablespoons, what can I do? Remake a new batch or delute the one I made

6 tablespoons? Its a max of 3 teaspoons per gallon on the feeding schedule. Im sure the bottle says more but 1 tablespoon is good per gallon. If your going to use more then the big bloom at any point you better invest in a ph meter bc the nutes will tank your ph hard. The big bloom by itself is ok bc its organic and omri certified.
Heres the most recent feed schedule i got.

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