How and when to feed Fox Farms Trio?

Hey guys! Just a quick note, before anyone brings up Hellraiser’s grow guide, yes I am reading it and yes I am following it. I have a question about nutes since I am using a different soil and different nutrients. He uses Fox Farms Happy Frog while I use Ocean Forest and he also uses Advanced Nutrients instead of Fox Farms Trio. He added nutes immediately after transplanting and I’m wondering if that’s necessary if I’m using Ocean Forest, a hotter soil.

Here are my plants at the moment, 2 weeks after sprouting:

Not exactly ready to transplant yet I presume (this is my first ever grow). Can anyone give me a dummies guide to feeding using Fox Farms Trio, and can anyone tell me when I should start feeding? I’ve seen the feeding chart thing and it’s kinda confusing.


Just fed my girl 1st time yesterday 5/6 weeks after transplant. Using the FFOF and the treo. The chart does not take in account for your soil per se. Do you have TDS meter?

I think I do, I got a TDS meter along with the ph stick I bought. I’m kind of a noob though lol what is TDS?

I follow Hellraiser guide too! He mentored me, am a few weeks from an amazing harvest.

I used FFOF, are you planning on using the same soil when you transplant up?

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yup! I plan on using FFOF throughout the entire grow. Just afraid of nutrient burnout since this soil is considered very hot so I wanna know when to use it and how much to use when using the Trio.

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You won’t need nutes for 4 or 5 weeks after transplant up either.

As mentioned PPM readings can help you, once you get some experience, you will be able to start reading them more, and know exactly what they need.

When you introduce nutes, start with a 1/4 dose, give her 2 or 3 days and really watch how her leaves react. If she didn’t get burned, you can up the next feeding to 1/2 or 3/4…push her to test limits.

Almost every grower get some nute burn, even Hellraiser.

Am always on his post, tag me if you need anything!


Thanks so much! So I’m assuming that it won’t need any nutes for that long after transplant because you’re introducing more soil and therefore more nutrients, correct?

The weird part is that I’m actually not planning on vegetating these very long because I want small plants due to a lack of space. Most likely going to switch to flowering after 1-2 weeks of veg. Would this mean that I wouldn’t need any nutes for the entire grow?

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Correct, it’s fresh soil.

Veggie for a few weeks after she sprouts? Are these photos or autos you growing?

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Gonna veg for 1-2 weeks after transplant, the transplant should be soon hopefully. These are regular feminized seeds. I think that should be okay right?

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It may grow longer than you want, most photos go to 4 or 5 weeks before you can flip them, they have to show sexual maturity before they will flower.

You could top them to control height.


The 1st to 2nd week after transplant is a TRANSITION period going into veg, when I figure age in veg or flower I dont count that week or 2. To flower dosen’t start till there are flowers. Before that you are in pre-flower which is a TRANSITION to flower. So my point is at 2 weeks after transplant you aren’t even full veg yet.

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I’m so glad you guys explained this to me. I was looking for hours on google to figure out when veg actually starts, and I was getting answers ranging from “veg state starts once they sprout” to “veg state starts once it starts growing leaves”. So I just figured it started after transplant.

I think I’ll have enough room for 2 plants still. This is all making me realize how much I wish I got autos instead lol. Thank you guys so much. Last question - how do I know when I’m in pre flower (which I guess is after vegging for a while) and what should I do then?

Change up your neuts and flip to 12/12 light cycle. You should see flowers starting in a week or two or three. I believe pre flower starts when plant is mature

Hey buddy, my plants are photos and only one month from sprout. They are ready to flower. Have pistils on 6 out of 7 and tons of calyx on the seventh they just haven’t thrown pistils yet. I gave mine 20 hours of darkness at the end of the second week and had calyx and a few pistils by mid third week. I don’t know if the early sexual maturity and dark period had a cause and effect relationship or even positively correlated but here I sit. You can switch to 12-12 when you find calyx at the nodes next to the little pointy leaves with a jewlers loupe or magnifying glass. I read that you can create a Hermie by switching to 12-12 before you find calyx because the plant thinks it has missed out on pollination (males mature first) so it will Hermie to pollinate itself. I don’t know how true that is but it does make sense to me.

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Does make sense

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