How and when to adjust light?

New guy here. My first grow, I have 2 Blue dream autos and they are a week old. I have 2x vivosun vs1000’s in a 4x4 tent light are set at 25% brightness and on a 20/4 schedule. My question is when should I take it to 50% brightness and should I do anything to try to transition from 25-50% or just turn it up a notch. And as of right now my light are 20 inches from the plants. Thanks just trying to do it right.

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From looks that’s 200w total of have them close to 40 or 50% now slowly over the next couple days turn it up a small amount say now do a click up on both tomorrow a click up on both or one today and the other tomorrow so gradually going up so I can see any problems starting if they do. Looks good so far. Do the back of hand test and turn them up to where u just feel a touch of warm but not bad on the back of hand. If it is warm for there it’s too much for plants either raise light or dim lower. Keep an eye on the node spacing. Try an keep it at an inch or so between nodes as they grow. Too much space will equal small single buds. Closer spacing will give u bigger single colas good luck imma stick around

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@Tank1984 I wonder how many figured out where your name comes from. I do. :+1::+1::+1:

I would assume it’s from the James Garner movie called Tank, released in 1984.

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Actually I was born in 1984 and Tank is my nickname that stuck since high school football lol

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Seedlings don’t need much light, Plants are like people .I have one friend who can bath in the sun all day and another one who gets burnt after 20 minutes. Watch your plants and they will tell you what they like . No light that you buy can match the intensity of the Sun , so you have a little wiggle room. Just move the light up or down to find their happy place.

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There was a movie called Tank and released in 1984. Good movie.


Whats the signs of too much light if I turn em to 50% and if I do turn em to 50 what is a good height?

You have to watch your plants , it get easier after time. the most common sign is the yellowing and dropping of leaves, stunted leaf growth, elongated or purple stems, and a dull-green color, when people give you a distance or percentage. They are not factoring in cultivar ,what type of media or soil ,what and how much you are feeding them and VPD. These factors can change everything .

After saying all that 24-32” in Veg and 6-18” in flower depending on the quality of the light and what spectrum it is.

In a first time grower also. Trying RDWC, I’m concerned my seedlings are to stringey. I’m having a challenge regulating my humidifier and my exhaust fan. I’ve opted to leave my humidifier on full time to maintain a between a 70/85%, but I rigged a 6" computer fan in the end of my intake vent tube and that would come on when the humidity got too high. I’ve got the Inkbird controller to turn the intake on when the humidity gets too high.
But when I turn the exhaust on, even the lowest setting it sucks the humidity out.
I live in Nevada where it’s very dry. I think the humidity has kept my Rockwood cubes too wet thus the stringyness.

I forgot a pic …

:anguished:, you need better lights, fast, and I don’t know if it’s possible, but cover half of the stem in media. You should fill out a support ticket and get the pros involved @Covertgrower

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