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I started this on 12/12 June 17, making tomorrow exactly 8 weeks or 56 days, which is right about how long this strain is supposed to take til harvest. She doesn’t look ready to me but I don’t know because this is my first grow ever but I’m really ancy to start drying and curing and getting on with flowering another plant.
If you click the photo you can zoom in pretty tight.


imo you have maybe 2 more weeks or so to go


It’s not ready , calendar can be useful , but you must learn to listen to the plant , they do talk , ask any grower , if you listen they will tell you exactly what they doing , and this girl is not ready .


As long as she is still producing new white pistils; She is not ready. Once the pistils stop producing, it is time to monitor your trichomes. :slight_smile:


Droobie … your plant is beautiful. I think Yoshi has some good thoughts on this. I’m trying to take my cues from the plants as well.


That’s something specific to watch for. Thanks.
That bud’s pretty small IRL so I was hoping she had some more in her but it’s just taking SO LONG! ugh


Patience , it will be worth it in the end , and if you harvested , you still have to cure for at least 3-4 weeks drying time and properly curing in jars .


How about now?


No I don’t think they ready yet .


I’m flushing this and cutting it down next week.


Well that didn’t happen. She’s still [STILL!] chugging along in that flowering box. I started another plant from seed and harvested it while I was waiting for this one to fatten up. She’s been all leaves and pistils and only just started forming calyxes in the last couple weeks. How come none of the expert advisors all over the internet ever talk about calyx formation? Rookie mistakes I made here: 1. I didn’t start PK flowering nutes soon enough because someone on the internet said Fox Farm Big Bloom would take you all the way thru. It won’t. And 2. the peat-based pro mix the grow shop recommended to me is compacted as hell so her roots are not happy. I gave her a couple more rounds of Tiger Bloom to try to get her to push out some more calyxes and now I’m just going to flush her out for a week or two, then I’m going to water cure her and make her into cooking oil because I give up already and she’s going to be too leafy to prune and smoke. But between her and the sugar leaves off this other plant I should be able to make some nice edibles at least.

My next plant’s going to be gangbusters.


You are growing this plant outdoors in the northern hemisphere?

Foxfarm could very well have what it needs to take the plant all the way to the end, although extra phosphorous and potassium during flowering can help, this doesn’t mean foxfarm doesn’t necessarily have enough. You don’t have to manipulate nutrient values drastically just because the plant is supposed to be going into a different phase of growth. This doesn’t happen naturally if you think about it. it has what it has in the soil around it, no one to give it extra when it starts flowering out in the wild.

In fact, especially for beginners, I recommend a simple steady NPK value through the entire grow, something known as the “simple lucas formula” or method. This method has been around forever and can be used with almost any nutrient line and uses the exact same amount of P and K through the entire grow, veg and bloom and people have been getting fantastic results with it for ages.

I suspect the plant is maybe more sativa dominant in its heritage and it is way to early outdoors for it to be finishing, many strains won’t finish until maybe late October outdoors in the northern hemisphere, maybe even later, depending on various factors.

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I vegged it on my balcony and took it out there to take pictures but I’'ve been flowering it in a closet under 4 40-watt 2700k CFLs. I started it on 12/12 June 17 and it started showing pistils July 6. It’s been on 12/12 for almost four months. I use Sunshine pro mix which I was told is nutritionally inert except for some added microbes. The label on Tiger Bloom says to start using it when flowers first start to appear but with this “simple lucas formula” you start it when? First set of leaves? Big Bloom is 0.01-0.3-0.7 and Tiger Bloom is 2-8-4. I also have some Bush Doctor Bembe which is 0-1-3 plus sucrose and molasses. They’re all made by Fox Farm.
It’s definitely not a sativa but I’m doing some White Widow next. What do you recommend for that? I was going to get some perlite or something to fluff up this pro mix.


As I said, the simple lucas formula is from the beginning, a small plant with a good 3 or more alternating nodes and corresponding full leaf sets, and all the way through veg and through bloom and until finish, the exact same feeding concentration the entire time. Lucas has even mentioned not even needing a flush with this method, it really can’t get any simpler, the same thing all the way.

Well, regardless of why it is taking longer, some plants do and it is likely in this plant’s genetics. Something you can try that will help a stubborn plant finish faster, is increase the dark duration to 13 or even 14 hours, or maybe even longer in some cases.

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Everything I’m finding on the Lucas formula is related to GenHydro. To translate it for Fox Farm would I use 1 tsp Bembe and 2 tsps Tiger Bloom every other watering from 3 nodes to harvest?


I’m not sure, and I don’t do that type of work for people, it would drive me nuts and I’d never get done if I had to research every nutrient line out there and its mixtures and directions.

Look at it again, if you understand what is generally being stated, it isn’t too hard to adapt from your own nutrients. It looks like you might be able to get away with using Tiger Bloom alone, at 2-8-4, it is not that far off (but you could benefit from more potassium at the end) if it covers enough of the micro nutrients.

More so, my point is – don’t worry so much about the overwhelming info out there of “you gotta have this!” or “you gotta do that!” or you won’t have a very good harvest. A lot of it is rubbish and commercialism and just trying to sell you that much more stuff. Even Robert himself has said in a few places that you can even get away with using miracle grow if you know what you are doing. But it could be a lot of work and a bit harder in some ways, but it is what a lot of us used to have to start with as nothing else was available. I don’t know hardly anything about Fox Farm, but I know a lot of people use it and swear by it, so it can’t be that bad, lol.

If you have a system, and the big bloom and bush doctor look like they will boost your K (potassium) by quite a bit, I’m sure if you use your system as directed and keep everything else optimal, read the plant, give it what it needs when it needs it and you’ll be more than half way there, and I bet you’ll be very pleased and surprised with your results.

Yeah, and make sure the soil is well aerated, you need it to drain well as well as allow for the roots to grow out and about, a big healthy root system means a large happy and well developing/growing plant.



Here is some more info breaking down some nutrient profiles in detail. Latewood even mentions lucas formula and the standard GH 3part:


Thanks for all the info. I get what you mean about excessive interventions. Like people who pay for distilled water and add CalMag to it or they buy ten different types of food and they’re all just various combinations of guano and rock phosphate. I’m into keeping it as simple as possible. I’m just going to use Big Bloom for veg and switch to Tiger Bloom and Bembe when I go to 12/12. Knowing what I know now my next grow should be much better.


Of course, if you want it all already all figured out and what the pros in Amsterdam are using, you can get our Marijuana Booster system:

It might be a bit pricey but it does have the newest in technology from the Netherlands incorporated into its formula, and you are also probably paying for some of the shipping, built into the price, as almost no matter where it is being shipped it probably has to go a long way. Many regulars here in the forum, like @yoshi, have said it is well worth the price and seem to like it a lot.



I can guarantee you that ILGM booster nutrients is by far one of the best for the money it cost . Fox farm was very highly concentrated and I could not figure it out my first time using it . But Roberts nukes , started grow at week four at 2.5 ml , than week five 5ml with 2.5 bud flower nukes and gradually added bud nukes at 2.5 ml per feeding until you get to 10 ml , and take away the grow at 2.5 ml per feeding , week six is the same add THC mass 2.5 and cut back bud 2.5 each feeding until week seven and flush it 2 weeks , plants never stressed or burned and my dry weight with 2 plants was 4.5 ounces of some really good white ash smoke . Instant head high , than a very social euphoric high for a good 3 hours , no munches really .