How am I looking planted in grie

Hi this is the first time I have planted all m Babies in the grown within my flower bed

What type of training do I do here

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They look great outside if they’re photos I just top or FIM autos I do some LST don’t have much luck with outdoor something always gets them but I keep trying Dan deer around here we call them long legged rats

I love an outdoor grow direct in the soil with all the free solar power they want. But it sure does come with challenges. I had a little bug damage and needed to do a preemptive strike against a woodchuck that was caught raiding the garden. Saw one deer passing through but no tracks in the garden and all plants are good, for now :crossed_fingers:

As a rule, I don’t do any training other than lollipopping on my outdoor grows. Lots of that free sunshine don’t you know…

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How are they looking niw

The last 4 are new from a friend they are clones

Here are the latest

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That looks like baptisia behind the cannabis in that last pic :heart_eyes: Keep things pruned so you have good airflow in the garden. The humidity was my worst enemy when I tried outdoors. Also keep a good eye out for bugs. It looks like your a gardener so you probably know what signs to look for when checking for pests.
Happy growing :v::green_heart: