How am i doing for my first time growing

This is gorilla glue clone

This baby is northern lights auto

How is this your first attempt at growing ?

You said your first attempt at growing was at the below thread early this year ?

P.s. your pictures didn’t load this time


it is my first time going it’s the same plant. The other ones you can call then my second grow I just called and my first time going because it’s my first year what do you think how my doing how much longer do you think I have till harvest.

You got any tips for me or suggestions?

I am thinking about building a raised bed I don’t know how would that come out because I wouldn’t be able to turn my plants so the sun hits them equally right now I give my plants have a turn every three hours I know and the reason that I’m going to be able to do that what would you recommend

I know I remember you I was wondering where you been are you saying goes to the same plants ? They must be huge do you have pictures ?


Lookin happy in the sun!