How am I doing, first timer

Strain- Purple Kush from ILGM

Method- Foxfarm soil- ocean forest I think. Super cali soil in bottom half of #2 only.

Vessel- #1 5gal. bucket, #2,3 fabric pot

Ph- tap water 6.8

Ppm- unknown

Indoor tent w/ 1 Mars-hydro tsw2000 led, small fan, small oscillating space heater, carbon filter (only used to reduce humidity so far) and 2 vent openings to let air in/out.

Temperature- day 79F, night 69F

Humidity- day 50-75, night 75

Co2- No

I believe I’m ready to turn over to flower stage cause running out of room (about 12 inches below light fixture. I’ve been advised to supercrop first.
Should I remove the lowest colas in y’all’s opinion??
Any additional advice is appreciated!!:smiley:


Those are obviously autos, as they are all starting to flower. I run 18/6 all the way thru. But there’s not really any wrong with autos as they have a mind of their own!

Not sure I agree with ya there Teg. I see why you said it, but I think what looks like pistils is just thin new leaves. Its hard to tell in those pics.
If those are truly before flipping they are going to be ten ft tall after the stretch that will happen.
Supercropping …you already said you were going to bend branches. I think its time.


I wouldn’t thin anything out now… You’re not working with a bush. Clear the bottom one third of your plant about 3 weeks into actual flower… Meaning you see clear forming buds. First you would have to heal from the super crop before doing more anyway . Your kind of in a pickle with them being that tall.

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Thanks, ya definitely not pistils. Just not sure why 2 stretched and not the other, all variables being the same. Though the small one #3 seemed stunted by the seed casing that wouldn’t come off the seedling, i tweezed it off when it the others started taking off, :joy:

Those do not look like Autos at all. Secondly the one is showing dominant Sativa look to the one. I zoomed in on both plants and see no sign of sex just yet.

I don’t know about Super cropping but I would definitely tie the tallest branches down carefully and slowly. Once there is enough weight aka flowers, release. She will grow horizontal and eventually want to go up.

Do this while the branches are still being able to be trained.

@Jerdan03 One is Sativa Dominant. No ifs, ands or buts. The other looks more Indica dominant. If this is the case, this is why both are way different due to one being more dominant than the other.

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I just tied both down a bit but will try super cropping one as an experiment, all for science :+1::v:

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What’s your recommended distance from your light per manufacturer? If your 12 inches from your light now I’m wondering how far you’ll be able to pull them down in order to achieve that in flower.

After training the branches today I have 18-22 inches clearance now. The proper distance is 18 inches but I just saw I should’ve had the dimmer at 50% instead of the 75-100% that I’ve been using. Gonna see what happens. Putting some new seeds in water now just in case :crossed_fingers:

If the bend don’t work you’ll have one choice and thats super crop… your distance from light is the real issue.they get up that high and all your tall buds will burn up.
Fingers crossed for you bro your plants are gonna take off once they hit flower.

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Hey, gotta say I boo booed! Eyes don’t always work like they used to! I’m sorry I went in the wrong direction.

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No problem :+1:

2 weeks into flower stage now, got about 18-20 inches from the light. 6 weeks to go fingers crossed after a lot of ties and supercropping

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