How accurate are feminized seeds


Has anyone had feminized seeds turn out to be male? I ordered 5 blackberry kush seeds and germinated 2. Then 5 weeks later i went into flowering and one ended up male. Just curious how often this can happen because im new to growing. Thanks!


where did you get your seeds from?


This website


Possibly stress induced? Wait for the pros to chime in.


Haha yea it could be. One most certainly was female but the other was taller and had obvious pollen sacks forming. I was just curious if feminization can fail, or if it was my fault or something. I understand how fragile these things can be


Differently wait for the pros on this one.


Only the pros knows


I’m no pro but! Did it go male or hermaphrodite?

Feminized plants are more sensitive to stress than a regular female plant. Temperature, light, nutes, pruning regimen all can stress a plant into hermaphrodite if done incorrectly.

Hope that helps.


I appreciate any and all advice. Im positive it was a male plant. I flowered both at the same time. One has wispy white hairs, the other had pollen sacks forming. Plus it was much taller. I feel like it was male from the start but who knows, it could have got stressed out


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Does this look familiar


Essentially. It didnt survive long enough to have the hairs though, if it were to have them.


Well im going out on a limb here but if then pods looked like pawn shop sign it was a male and if it looked like a mini cucumber it was a female elongated and more singular in comparison to males clusters. But remember i’m not a botanist but i play one on tv.


I believe you. But my original question is if this can happen with “feminized” seeds. Because i purchased 5 feminized seeds and the second one i grew was a male. I know what a male looks like. Id like to know if its happened to anyone else. Or if it was supplier error.


@Licksore i have never heard of anyone getting a male or reg seed witb the order
Ill tag in support for you have a good day im sure tbey can answer any questions that you have
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No worries but thank you. I dont mean to cause a scene about it but its more of just a question of how accurately human beings can manipulate this biology


@Licksore I certainly didnt think you where trying to start any issues
Just wanted to get you the help with your question i
If its just the one bean that did this I wouldn’t be to concerned myself
And as i stated i have not heard of anyone getting reg or male seeds when ordering fems
Happy growing and best wishes
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I can only add that I haven’t had one male among the seeds I planted. Although like many here I still have quite a few stored and only time will tell.


Thats good news. Im just glad i sowed two of them haha. Needless to say i started the rest. Im taking no chances