How about those seedlings

can you use foxfarm for seedlings:rofl:

I would wait until the first 2 leaves that develop on the seedling are about to fall off. Those 2 leaves hold all the nutes that are needed for a seedling. Even when you start feeding them I recommend that you start with half the food required and see how they react

Be sure and get your PH readings

Gnat nix is used on top of the soil. Diatomecious Earth is spread everywhere.

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You can use fox farms soil for seedlings. Ocean Forrest is a little hot, but I’ve been using it with good results. Happy frog would be better for them.

Seedlings don’t need nutes. So if you’re asking about ff nutes, don’t use them on seedlings.

thanks for.your time

You’re most welcome. We’re all here to teach and learn from each other.

one more thing… do you need light on seeds or darkness

24 hours light on seedlings is ok. After 2-ish weeks I got 18/6

your great
:+1: thanks. Have a good day.

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