Houston, we have a problem

Oh boy. I planted a White Widow CBD autoflower on 2/16/21. It’s the first time I ever planted this strain. Last week, I decided to do LST so the lower flowers would get more light.

Today I checked the plant and noticed two things.

  1. The fan leaves are thicker than anything I’ve ever grown before.

  2. I think she has balls. Can someone take a look at the picture and let me know?

She’s in my veg room with seedlings I planted last week. I have GDP in a flower room separate from them.



Not seeing any in the pics.
Swollen calyx my friend. No worries. :wink::+1:
And welcome back.



Agree with the old one. All lady.


Yep i agree all lady. My w.w. auto has the same right now she is about 7 weeks i believe floer maybe 6 i dont remeber anymore lol.

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Thanks OG. And it’s good to be back :kissing_heart::grinning:

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Yeah,What he said…

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