Household remedies


I have seen a lot of tips on here, but I think a repository of “oh crap! my plant needs help! What do I have around the house that will work?” would be a great thing.

Things like Coffee grounds for nitrogen, eggshells for calcium… Also the things with various uses like peroxide, alcohol, vinegar, baking soda.

Does this exist or can we start one?


I was thinking of a beginner’s to-do list of items and actions pinned to “READ FIRST!” with what to do and what NOT to do.

Like: buy a decent ph meter, calibration fluid and use it!
Don’t use Miracle Grow



Battery acid from the auto parts store or distilled vinegar as pH down Be very careful and conservative with the battery acid. Try one drop per gallon and measure the pH change after you shake it well.

If you can seal your grow tent very well, you can use some dry ice (150 grams for 3x3x8 tent) to raise the CO2 level to one that kills all pests but doesn’t hurt the plant. Keep it sealed for 2 hours, then unseal and turn the vent fan back on. Obviously, don’t do this with your lights on (fan’s off!). Just put a CFL in there to keep the plant on the right photoperiod while you do it. Some people do this outside with a big plastic garbage bag.