House Votes to Protect Legal States From DOJ/Federal Investigators


That’s amazing 1 step closer to national lagalization


Dose this mean they can bank the money now

I think this would just mean that the DOJ, DEA, etc wouldn’t have jurisdiction to pursue federal charges against people growing/consuming weed in legal states.


That’s a very nice assurance


Thanks for the post @blackthumbbetty I knew this was being voted on just not the result. Now we need the work on getting testing in legal states as part of work requirements made illegal. I’m sure some of the people I work with would still have alcohol in there systems the next day after a big night out and nothing is said. One of our HR people is the biggest offenders but don’t you dare drop dirty or you’ll be out so fast it will make your head spin. This just frosts my backside. I’ve never agreed with pre employment testing, just happens to be the world we live in.

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I thought I read a law that protected employees with medical

Only in certain states.


Nope. If you worked at my company had your medical and dropped dirty you would be without a job.

I’m glad I’m the boss then

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