Hot weather plants

Mazar, Skunk#1, Blueberry, Silver haze…and a whole bunch of others @Dj351. Good luck.


I completely understand nice paved interstates may be a problem for Bama People. As stated they can’t drive. The only thing Mississippi is behind the land of Forrest Gump in, is Football, but hell Mississippi does not spend half it’s states economy paying Monkey ball players under the table, so go figure.

Mississippi and the rest of the South are leaps and bounds above Alabama nowadays. That’s a fact.

I will say this, and I hope those outsiders in control are listening, The Deep South would take over these foreigners Marijuana industry tomorrow as we can grow long season Sativa’s outdoors. They know it hence they try to steer each state into indoor only grows.

Before that so called Civil War to take control of a Nation’s money began and half of Mississippi’s land was stolen and the University of Alabama library burnt down to destroy books relating to the outside Yankee destruction and occupation of the South, Mississippi and Alabama were #1 in alot of things.

Those same folks are taking over the USA Marijuana industry today.


Amen. @2GreenThumbs well theres a few things we have in common. We both hate Alabama football (War Eagle), and we both agree that the south would dominate in the Cannabis Industry. Sure, we passed Medicinal Cannabis, but its only going to be edibles and tinctures with a card… no flower or concentrates… and they are still dragging their asses about that while Mississippi says Hold my beer and watch this! I do alot of work from Pearl north and always enjoy the time i spend there. I agree, folks in Alabama CANT drive. We were in Birmingham yesterday visiting the kids and we were discussing all the wrecked and broke down vehicles on the side of the interstates… its bad :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. I call the 4 years i spent working in Birmingham on the Trauma Trolley my Tour of Duty because i worked more trauma there in 4 years than i did in North Bama in 15 years…


It’s Florida that could truly take over as they barley have a winter in South Florida. The industry in Mississippi has already been taken over by the outside crowd just like California, Sad.

They took Mississippi voters right to put things on the ballot away over Marijuana and a flag. Once it’s restored Marijuana will be fully legal in Mississippi as long as we don’t count the votes on these outsiders rigged voting machines.


A good grow buddy of mine in Vegas swears by the Durban poison. He says it does great in the dessert heat of Vegas. He also had good luck with the GDP when I asked him. Those were his top pics.

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Excellent, thank you.