Hot tip for reflective material!

Two words, very inexpensive and easy to come by:


  • also known as foil/mylar “RESCUE BLANKETS”

~You heard me right - they are thin, highly reflective mylar. I got a pack of ten from AMAZON for around six or seven bucks. They measure 52" by 84" or about 1.32 by 2.13 meters.

They are water and weather proof - somewhat strong but very thin.

Since I am using in inner room that is an unused bathroom (they are in the tub/shower enclosure, in fact) these make an excellent liner material, plenty tall enough to go up the walls.

They can be put up with tape and thumb tacks…

If you’ve been looking for an easy to get and easy to work with material that doesn’t raise questions - this is just the thing :v:


Good idea man!!! And thay hold heat


I actually used it in my first ever grow box which I have since replaced with three tents but it did work out for a while :+1:
Nice @FrikkinFrank


I lined the inside of my 3 x 3 x 5 grow tent with these and my plants went nuts with all of the light bouncing around, and the harvest was incredible! It also held the heat in really well (my last grow was last winter/spring) so the space heater wasn’t needed as much (I have a reptile thermometer attached to it so it doesn’t get too hot or cold when I’m not looking in on the girls) and it was the cheapest, and most worthwhile, addition to my grow tent. Will continue to use when I plant another one.

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Great tip @FrikkinFrank!! Never would’ve thought of that…:nerd_face::thinking::+1::+1: