Hot. Temp is out of control

I’m hoping you guys can help me with my issue. I built a girl room out of the spare bedroom in my basement. It’s got two separate girl rooms in it both are sealed up airtight. The one in question that I’m having problems with has a 6 in Mars hydro air exchange system with the thermostat controller. I’m running a 640 watt LED phlizon at 50% power. At 25% power my room was 81° and controlling at 50% it is now 84° in controlling I added an inline fan push air from a air conditioned room in the house into the girl room. It looks to have no effect. I am also exhausting the grow room into a separate room to try to keep the room that the girl rooms are in cool. My house runs at 71° when my lights are off I’ll hit 72° in the girl room. What are my options. I’m really trying to steer away from an ac unit. I should mention that my fan blowing cold air into the grow room is a 4-in fan


Send a pic of entire setup pls

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Can you mount your driver outside the tent… if so that should drop Temps or run a duct from ac vent into the tent


Right off the get in that first pics there’s way too tight have a bend in that line need to keep everything as straight as possible as far as fans if possible may need to go as big as an 8-in fan into the main room the girl rooms are in pulling off the house to cool that room to 71 and then some venting into the grow rooms so it can pull the 71° air in


Definitely get the kinks out of the vent to help with flow. Can you vent outside of the house? 84° isn’t really that bad… but with your light below full power I suspect you may run into issues once you’re at full power in flower.


Yes I can vent to the outside. I haven’t yet because winter is approaching and I feel I’m gonna need to vent it into the room I made the grow rooms outta for heat. As of right now I’m venting into one room pulling from a different room than what I’m venting. Tomorrow I will work on getting off The kinks of the line and see how that works…


My grow room is at 85 degrees every day. As long as you can keep the humidity up they actually like the warmth.

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82-84 is fine for veg


I have mine set to 81 with a humidity of about 52. Here is my setup. The two sick plants are foolishly planted in miracle grow soil. I just transplanted them into proper soil. They
don’t look so good

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I don’t have enough cord to mount driver

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Okay well it was a thought that could’ve helped you so good luck

I like the thought of it. Thank you. I’m actually looking into cord extension

Honestly that would be just about the majority of all your heat source definitely drop it down in there

I’m with everyone else… 85° aint nothing… I’ve been up to 102! And they survived (co2 helped :rofl:)
Try Running this test:
Get the photone app, and check your DLI at 50% power. Find out what it takes to get 60DLI from your lights (that’s when your full screaming in bloom entry)… Lower closer to plants and see if you can get 60dli and still maintain distance the light factory suggests. Log the data… height/temp/DLI…
Return your light back to original position, and follow everyone’s suggestions on driver relocation, and venting outdoors.
When your going into bloom, you’re already gonna know what to expect… I’m sure Fall weather will assist the basement to chill off and get you into mid 70s with lights on.
Good luck

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Thank you for such detail. I’ll have to check it out though sounds like it works

I’m lost as to why I’m just logging the data and putting everything back the way it was.

Install, and find DLI :
1.where you have light hanging now
2. Temperature with it turned up to 60dli where light is at now
3.move light down towards plant and use this app to find where 60dli at lowest setting on light. (Go no closer to canopy than the light comany says!!) This method reduces the heat and will probably complement your 4" exhaust fan… Personally I’m liking 6 and 8" for when i have your issues.

Knowing these few things in advance will help when you go into flowering
You’ll also be moving light upward a few clicks every couple of days when the bud is stacking…
None of this is necessary for your immediate concern of 84°, but will make total sense in a few weeks


I’m gonna take your word and thanks

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I have a six inch exhaust 4 in inlet. And my phone is a crappy one. My front camera isn’t the best. It says I have 700par at 100 percent. It should have 1600 at 100 percent.

@Coonass got ya covered on moving that driver… it will help a lot

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