Hot climate. I can't fit them all in my grow tent, what to do?


A question of a fellow grower:
I have seven plants that are growing for only fit in my grow tent we live in Florida and right now the temperatures in the low 50s gets a little warmer during the day I had a move to plants outside under a small lamp zipped in a little greenhouse and I have one plant sitting by the bay window inside the house am I going to lose these three plants because I cannot fit them in my grow tent with the light what can to save these three that are not in my grow tent ?


Depends on what state of the plants is. Vegging plants could trigger flowering if there’s a reduction in light cycle. Which I feel is pretty likely this time of year. If they are already flowering and put under longer cycle may reveg them. Also, plant in the window may be prone to harm if it’s not an auto, photos need defined dark period. There’s a lot of variables.