Hot and dry climate whats the best indica to grow outside

Someone from riverside county in california please tell me whats the best indica strain to grow in HOT climate.


I dont know of any indicas that grow good in hot dry weather i know alot of sativa strains that love hot dry weather cause as far as i was aware of indica plants are more cooler weather growers im sure someone on here can help you


I’d suggest some gelato perhaps. Not sure any pure indica is available or for that matter pure any cannabis. But I’m sure someone on this site can find some.

From what I here Gelato needs a hot dry environment. Sativa is more of a humid hot environment.

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My Purple Punch auto wasn’t 100% Indica, only Indicia dominant but she was a monster. I live up in the Northern/Central Valley… we had over 100 days of 100+ f

She was one happy plant in the heat!


I recently moved from not far from there, and didn’t grow mj, but grew one helluva huge garden for many years. You are in a great area for growing pretty much anything. I would be very surprised if whatever strain you choose didn’t do well (as long as you take care of them). Looking forward to seeing how you do…

Try the White Widow it’s 60/40. Maui Waui comes from Hawaii but it’s Sativa.

Nice plants!! Yes I would check out strains and see which ones like higher heat… Most strains Ive been getting they say they “prefer” 60s to mid 80s… Ive grown some last summer where temps got way above that…even endured high 90s to 100s for a brief time ( a heatwave) They were fine,except I do wonder whether they would have flourished better in the preferred temp ranges the strain called for? Last year I grew Bruce,Gsce, Gorilla Glue,Szkittles (all autos ) with high percentage Indica .The second round harvested in late December /of Szkittles was better then the earlier/hotter climate . So hmmm? But like others said with proper care you can pretty much grow anything were you are!
Happy Growing…and keep us posted!!

Blue God

If you get good roots on Indica they will be okay just need to start early grow roots first . I speak from experience summers here can be over 110 for months just gotta start early and keep them feet wet.