Hortilux "Super HPS" Good for entire grow?

I’ve always used MH to veg out, and HPS to flower. But I ran across this “super HPS” lamp that claims more blues and can be used throughout a grow.
I kind of like the idea but my cat hates reds and stays out of the grow shed when i goto HPS. So, he’s a no.
What do you think? I’m looking for opinions of others.
Thank you.


Welcome to the forum.

HPS lamps put out a yellow colored light rather than red.

LEDs (Samsung LM301 series) are far more efficient, use less electricity per PPF, don’t put out near as much heat as an HPS or MH bulb, are always full spectrum, and can be used throughout the grow without switching bulbs.

Thank you, and thank you for the reply.

we’ve been looking at LED’s but since our electric is less then free, (sell back solar), i think nothing can replace MH/HPS, unless i can find some combo of the two.

Heard of this claim by hortalux as well, but have never tried them. I use MH during veg and HPS to flower.


What’s the price of the new type of bulb? That will be the kicker.

Same here.
I use the hortilux super hps bulbs.
They still glow yellow but not as bad a a reg 2100k bulb.
Never did a complete grow ( veg too ) with them.

Bout 150$ here for a 600. Might be a touch more. :thinking:
Haven’t bought one in a couple years.


Well the price would not be worth it to me as that’s kinda high for HPS. Adding a few 4 ft full spec led 100 watts is a cheap option.

You can get two or three of them for 150

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Bear in mind that’s :canada: Doll hairs. :wink:

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Ten four.

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I only wish we could here.

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Flea bay is how most get them, shipped right to your door from the nearest communist third world island.


I paid 80 USD on amazon

I was reading some sales stuff and fell for it, and now I’m wondering if i got suckered, (which happens)

If electric wasnt an issue i would use all hid lighting. I have one room that uses this and i switch mh to hps but have used hps all the way and did ok. The new light ur lookin at should be great. Id like to see the results if you could keep me in the loop

I always go with currency codes, like USD or CD. this “$” is confusing for me since I’ve lived near the border.

The super hps spectrum was the gold standard back in the day, but I haven’t even heard tgis mentioned in the last couple years.

It’s just a slightly tuned hps bulb, see below.

This is so like a 2015 comment. Stay off of Amazon or eBay buying discount lights and you’ll be fine. Most of the led lights offered by major players will crush mh/hps all by themselves.


I’ve been wanting to try some of the California lighting LEDs that they’re just so high priced. I got a feeling they put everything to shame. That’s what a lot of the big Growers are growing with in their greenhouses slash warehouses

Go to horticulture lighting group refurbished page and then look for any applicable discount codes. This will get you into a good light cheap. Watt for watt they are higher performing than California Lightworks too.


Thank you, I’ve been looking at horticulture lighting group, Henery is sending me some info on 1000-watt replacements.
I’m a complete armature. But have you seen the price for 3.5 grams in the State Store? At that price i need to get better at this.

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Thanks I’ll check out Horticulture lighting groups page. I just got another 1,000 w HPS arrived yesterday. I’m running four of them now plus 500 watts of LED. It’s a lot of juice.

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Thanks drbn32. I checked it out and I’m compiling my wish list for birthdays anniversaries Father’s Day come on guys help me think when else would I be expecting a gift what day?