Horticulture 300W V2 Rspec Dimmable (rectangle)

About to pull the trigger on this light, I am on my way to the hydroponics shop. Looking to grow 4-6 inside. Will this thing produce the power? Any complaints?

Welcome aboard. Post size Of your tent or grow space You will get better feedback.

6 foot tall, 4 foot wide, 2 foot deep. But for 6 plants I need a 6 tall 4 wide 4 deep to fit but from what I read this light has no problems. The light guy @dbrn32 gave me some info, and I spoke to the local hydro shop, and I went with the R-Spec. From what I read it’s great for full harvest?

Also read it’s equal to 600WHID I think

You’ll be very happy with The r-spec I have two of them.

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Really it’s perfect for my space now. And I can fit 4 in there easy

I’m running two of the 260 XL R- specs. 4x4 space

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Good buds and growth?

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Dence, buds. I am very pleased.

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You’re staying in the 2x4 right? Light pictured above would be nice light. You could also purchase a 260 xl kit and probably save some $


Yeah I’m staying in 2x4 for now and then going to 4x4 tent with NextLight. I just checked out their new one and it’s like the sun lol

The 260 XL R-Spec would be a good fit for your 2x4 space. Later, if you go to 4 by 4 space just add another identical light. Just my thoughts. Good luck.


The nextlight mega isn’t that great of a light. If you’re dropping $1500 you would be better off with fluence. Or spend half as much and stay with the qb kits.

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I love my 2 HLG 260xl rspec kits. I’ve broke the 1 lb barrier indoors.


I spoke to the girl that owns it and I think j I can get out the door for $1000-1100 for the nextlight. Is that worth it or too much? And I’m definitely going to grab another one of these rspec 300w. I love it. Within 24 hours all the seeds I planted that was struggling took off. I’m excited to see how the 3 I have finishing up turns out. And it says it is fikmable but how? And are they supposed to get pretty hot ? I know they use passive cooling. I’ve had them running for a bit. I’m running 20-4

Hlg-550 r-spec is a better light in terms of performance specifications, and it’s only $900 shipped last I seen.

They will get pretty damn warm. You probably have a dimming driver, remove rubber plug on top of driver and turn pot with #1 Phillips screwdriver

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The last HLG QB set up I bought a few weeks back Come with a external dial pot. It had the internal pot But also had two extra wires coming out of the driver to connect the dial pot too. I turned my internal pot to maximum. And I use external pot For adjustment. I’m sure they added for convenience.

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Ok sweet. I have a fan on the lights but I need better cooling lol. And good looks. It might be turned down :man_shrugging:t2:

Xlg driver ending in AB right? The ab dimming drivers have been a catalog number as long as I can remember, but nobody ever stocked them.

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I wouldn’t worry about the actual temperature of light much. They are rated for 85C. Your temps at canopy level should be biggest concern, and if your exhaust is setup properly should keep most of light heat away from plants.