Horticultural charcoal?

Anyone use charcoal instead of lime to balance ph ? Curious about others experiences with charcoal…

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I have a friend who swears by Biochar and said it’s a must for living soil . It’s in my Amazon basket

I wonder if it is capable of eliminating the use of perlite and dol. Lime in soiless mediums or peat based products.

He replaces perllite with Hydrocorn and the rest is just like Subcool super soil. Oh I forgot something he adds neem seed meal , helps your plants fight bugs and gives you a 6-1-2 NPK

Good info thanks. I’m going to play around a little bit with some of these ingredients. My garden soil produces such nice outdoor plants. I use peat and manure and and top soil with myco and worm castings and add molasses and eggshell and espson as i go. Then kelp and bananas and a liquid bloom booster in flower and spray with neem and spinno in rotation here and there in veg. Plants seems to love the neem oil! I also add different forms of silica and seems to grow big trees. So just wanted to tweek a little bit and might try this mix indoors as it’s just add water for most part and i like simple!


why don’t you ,want to use Dolomite, so I guess Azomite ,and Basalt is off the list also. microbes love the stuff

Im not against it, i have just had good results without it and have heard good things about charcoal