Horse manure and bat guano

A question from a fellow grower:

What is the percentage of horse manure and bat guano when growing outdoors, my holes a 3ft deep and 2ft wide, i put bat guano in the bottom of my holes then some gravel and loamy soils mixed with horse manure is that gonna be good for growth or bad, please get back to me because the season in arizona is speeding by. Thanks

That is a question I cannot answer. I do hope the horse manure was broken down. If it was fresh, it will break down it the soil, create heat and burn the roots. Am I on track with this?

Un-composted manure will do more damage than good.

Sorry guys. Felt bad Yesterday.

Soil to be used needs to be amended. Sounds like you did that. Whether or not it is too hot is another question.

Was this fre4sh Manure? If you bought this from a Garden Store in a bag; Read the bag directions. Or; Ask the rep at the store to explain how to amend your soil with that manure in order to grow Tomatoes. They should know this, since they sell the product. Peace