Hormones & Cannabis (NAA) (6-BA) (GA-3)


Has anyone ever used naphtaleneacetic acid?

Aquaponic Duel Root Zones
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Honestly haven’t heard of it, if you do some research on it maybe come back and share with others, that would be cool doesn’t have to be word for word but a little description of it


@Dumme Can you enlighten us as to the everyday use ?



It’s synthetic Auxin hormone.


If anyone has used “Benzylaminopurine” or “Gibberellic Acid”, would be my next questions.

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@Dumme . yes i have used this as a rooting hormone . as i believe it’s the main ingredient in my rooting agent …will double check . but i have never seen these others used that iam aware of …Whats your thoughts? Hammer


Foliar spays in flower, as they do on fruiting trees.


Foliar sprays in Veg.


Seed development and production.


@Dumme But, What ARE your personnel thought’s on these things ?? . You Mad Scientist . LOL .:microscope::syringe::battery::crystal_ball: Hammer


Less Veg time, more Flower time, by foliar Auxin spray to turn small buds into massive buds; at least theoretically.

Fruit tree farms spray Auxin to increase fruit size and prevent early fruit drop; same idea with flowering buds in cannabis. Stop from Ambering, remain in Flower longer, forcing the buds to grow bigger.


For a few years, I’ve been organic only, so this would be a big change for me to test. Other than cloning gels, I’ve never used hormones, and there’s not a lot of information out there with cannabis.


I love your posts @Dumme and always look forward to new ones! Great info, you’re constantly expanding my thoughts and knowledge in the marijuana field! :raised_hands::v:


A little more info…


Thanks for sharing buddy


@Dumme .Again thanks for the info on this .Ill set it aside for now .But winter is coming ,and i want the time to read up on this .then dissect the info contained .as to benefits &draw backs , "If any " was recently discussing your project on defoliation … I see you did it by the numbers …Kudos … if you run any test with these products @ me with the results .Or maybe start a Journal here or in the lab … Ill give you a cookie .LOL :cookie:… Dumme had to tease a bit …i know how stepping out , about ones grow room feels. I took a long time before i was confident enough to post … No B.S. no online look up natta…nothing . id call in an order to a hydro shop tell them to ready the order for shipping .then show up early in person and pay cash LOL …23years ago … Now its rec & Medi in my state …Thanks for all you share … Hammer



I just put in an order for 10g of all three types of hormones. I’ll post some pictures when I get a chance, and I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.

All three are being ship to Maine from over seas (Asia & Europe), so it’s gonna take some time for transit.

Apparently they can be dangerous to use, as they are pretty concentrated, but I’m excited.


Just got a couple of packages in the mail, and I’m all giddy now.


that was fast .:smile: Now for the first stage of the experiment to began. :battery::crystal_ball::microscope::syringe::dvd::hourglass_flowing_sand::movie_camera: Now everything is assembled . Hammer


Cytokinin took a little more time to get here.

…sampler container broke during shipping :cry:


any recommendations for a scale to measure these powders?

you order 5g…I’d order 1/2 g…and need to split that!