Hoping this flower clone takes root!

Hey all! So one of the 3 plants I did 12/12 from seed with is about 25 days into flowering. Figured might as well try monster cropping a flower clone, had a perfect branch on my stickiest plant that isn’t going to yield that much as is, so why not!

Cut three nodes down, did the 45 degree cut, I immediately put the cutting into 355 ec water with root stimulator ph 6.5. Let her sit for 10 minutes while preparing some 155 ec coco coir buffed with calmag, slightly watered with the root stimulator solution, and made a somewhat sense patch of coco in the top middle to act as a cube. Cut the tips of the leaves; Trying to keep rh as high as possible with a 15wt5cw fluorescent light and put a dome up to assist rh, this is about 1.5 hours after the cut now!

And this be the plant she came off of!

And after

Guess let’s include a picture with said branch! Sorry for the slight blurriness

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I just love cloning. Is this your first time?

First grow past seedlings! lol I’m excited to watch it take off! …Hopefully xD