Hope to start soon, looking for grow advice

Ordered some seeds from Seedsman and a 4x4 grow kit from Mars Hydro with the TSW2000. Planning on grabbing some mushroom compost from a local turf supply and adding perlite, unless y’all wave me off that plan. Still have to get nutes and misc little things, but here are my main questions. Thanks in advance for any and all advice and knowledge!

  • Is a compost from a local nursery ok? Can i mix some perlite in and start right away? Is this a dumb idea? (I’m concerned a bunch about this.)
  • Is my light underpowered for a 4x4? (small worry that i can add to at Xmas, I hope!)
    -This is my main area of concern. I have ordered both fem auto and fem photo seeds. I also can buy some already vegging plants. Up to 4 Gorilla Glue unknown sex bag seeds. They sound pricey to me, and I don’t like paying $80 for a male. Should I buy the plants? If not, should I run autos of photos for my first time? I’m trying to plan a rotation and it’s driving me nuts with the possibilities! Someone tell me what is good and I’ll do that.


Based on reading other comments after I posted this, I’m thinking of starting with photos. I’d prefer that anyway, but wanted to be sure.

I do need a good PH meter and im hoping to find a good recommendation for a therm/hygrometer with app access and remote sensor. Price, unfortunately, is key right now.

Any other tips are welcome!

Welcome to ilgm.

That light is 300w at the wall.

The general rule of thumb for flower lighting is 50w actual at the wall for low efficacy lighting (cmh, hps, blurple. Cfl) or 35w actual for high efficacy.

Even a best case scenario leaves that light a bit short for a 4’x4’. However veg lighting needs significantly less. So that light will veg in a 4’x4’ just fine. You’ll just have to supplement in flower.

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For the PH meter, I bought the Apera PH60. I think it was around $75 on Amazon. A little pricey but I’m a believer in buy once, cry once. It came with calibration solutions.
Also, I would definitely suggest checking out sensor push. they are small sensors that work through bluetooth and wifi (with the optional gateway.) I bought one and will be buying more. It works great, has good range and tracks everything on your phone. Definitely a good buy. $50 per sensor and $100 for gateway if you want to check your temps and humidity from anywhere.