Hope my auto isn't into flower yet

So I know with photos once the leaf sets start to alternating they are into flower or preflower. My auto that popped 3 weeks ago is starting alternating leaf sets. Am I stuck with a small dud?

When you see white pistils emerging you will know she is in flower.


Looks like she’s still just growing, not showing.


I have one about that size I’m growing in a styrofoam cup. I saw pistils on her last night. Autos go when they want. Luckily your’s is still vegging. There will be little bright white hairs when flowering starts. You can’t miss them.


So you will start to see white pistols when it hit maturity, the first ones you see doesn’t mean its in flower.
They all show sex well before flowering

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You mean the ones at the base of the nodes?

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I usually look to the top of the plant to confirm female, and look to the base of the second or third node from the top node to confirm male. The males usually have their first shows pop up there, but I dont confirm a female until I see the pistils on the top of the plant. This is my method, I am sure others have different means. But it looks like still veggie right now from the photos. But I am also a little baked and dont have my glasses on! :face_with_monocle:

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I think that is wrong pick those leaf sets aren’t alternating. Ok so the leaf sets no longer growing across from each other but staggered doesn’t mean anything (well at least not flowering or preflower) with autos is that correct

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A photo’s leaf growth pattern, changing from opposite to alternate, is an indication of maturity and not whether it is flowering or not.
Here are a couple of clones. They clearly have alternating leaf growth.

When I top a clone I try to pick a point where the distance is as small as possible.

On the other hand, this seedling’s leaf growth is still opposite.

It is easy to pick what node you want to top.

Pruned to be a manifold.

Three of them


Typically when nodes lose that symmetricality (haha made a new word), they are showing sexual maturity. She maybe ready to flower, but i do not see signs that she has begun.

Dont be alarmed if she begins shortly though.

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Yep, you got it.
All it takes is 1 to show white pistols no matter what node it’s on and it can be confirmed a female.

Theres no 1st, 2nd, or any other node particular to male or female :disappointed:

If you see a pair of white pistols anywhere, its a female :+1:
When you start to see groups of white pistols bunching up at tips kinda like little cotton balls its in flower.

a “twisted cookies” 10 days or so into flower.

same strain "twisted cookies " but just starting or transitioning to flower.

“crinkle cut” showing sex all over but still in veg.

and just for fun heres some verigation on a Bruce Banner that i believe is about to start transitioning but I’d still say its in veg…

Hope this kinda helps :grin:


I love my Bruce banner #3 here is a clone of one trying to flower but had a reveg problem great smoke though

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