Hope I'm doing this right

This is my first real grow, with seeds I had but I’m not sure of the strain. We’re gonna have a frost tonight and I was gonna harvest soon anyway but I haven’t done any cutting of stem or flushing. What do I do?


Welcome to the community! I dont grow outdoors, but plenty here do. I also know that friend of mine has some outdoors and they took a 42*F frosting and low temp temp nights without frost as well and didnt miss a beat. Ill tag a good outdoor grower that may be of better assistance. @Cannabian knows a little bit about outdoors. :+1:

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@Covertgrower @Happilyretired Im just trying to think of people I know who has experience with outdoors.

You want to look at the trichomes under 60x magnification (at a minimum). Most experienced growers will decide when to harvest based on the ratio of cloudy to amber glands. Some people allow for a certain amount of clear trichomes, but that’s not my personal preference.

If you’re ready to harvest, you just harvest. If you’re not ready, you need to come up with a season extension plan ASAP.

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I think you’re gonna need to find a way to cover your plant at night if you’re going to have frost for a week or two. What I can see it in your photos you don’t look too far out but I don’t think you’re ready quite yet… Have you been feeding your plants. If so what, if you’re not using chemical-based fertilizer you don’t really need to worry too much about flushing. If you don’t have a jewelers loop or a way to look very close at your plant keep an eye on your white hairs when it is ready they should be mostly or all darkened, red, orange, Unless your plant happens to do something weird like fox tailing which I’m not gonna try to explain. Some of us will be watching to guide you so post your pictures and your questions as the next few weeks pass and we will assist you the best we can…:v::+1:

I grow inside, but lower temps are okay when they’re finishing up. Frost I would cover.

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A little frost isnt gonna kill it. You can wet the ground around your plant. You can throw a sheet of poly over it too. Just dont let the poly touch your buds as it damages them.
Hard frost is not so great though, so if you feel she needs a bit more time, maybe a quick poly tunnel is in order? Even an umbrella will work. Just wet the ground a meter around your plant a bit, that helps to orevent frost from forming. Another more conspicuous method is to aim a fan at your plant.


Frost blankets will be your best friend this time of year. Thin white sheets made for vegetation not to freeze on low temp nights

Just put any sheet over it like you would tomato’s or and vegetable take it off in the morning

Wow, thank you all for the great advice. Of course we never got that frost so, all that worrying for nothing. But I’m sure it’s coming soon enough!