Hope I didn't screw up

My girl scout cookies are ~12 weeks into flowering. I saw about 50% amber trichomes so I decided to give her 36 hrs darkness. After the darkness period, when re-examining, I realized that the amber trichomes were strictly on the sugar leaves. The bud trichomes are 95% milky with a few appearing slightly clear. Could I go back to the 12/12 photoperiod and wait for some bud trichomes to ambercize, or will that be detrimental to the harvest in any way?
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I think you will be fine to put it back.
Extended light would have triggered a re-vegetation but darkness would not have had any effect.
Perhaps dim the lights at first to get them used to it again.


Yes. Additional light will affect them, but additional dark is OK.


good to know thanks

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Some images illustrating my issue.
You can see the milky trichomes on the buds.
The greener leaves where amberization is quite obvious.
And the main cola which seems fully developed.

Thanks for your replies…elliot

Photo on 9-19-22 at 10.28 AM
Photo on 9-19-22 at 10.27 AM
Photo on 9-19-22 at 10.24 AM
Photo on 9-19-22 at 10.11 AM


Hope this helps!

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I agree looks to be trying to re-veg but also don’t it look like it may be turning hermi by the look of the round calyst

@elliot I think it’s time to cut it down.

You have foxtailing going on and it will continue for as long as you let it.

Foxtailing is where it builds little “towers” of new buds on top of old buds. Some genomes are prone to it. You can reduce the likelihood of it occurring in the future by slowly turning the intensity of your lights down as the plant approaches 8 weeks of flower.

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Thank you guys, she’s down for the count, trimmed, drying, to be cured shortly.