Honey as fertilizer

Has anyone tried honey fertilizer? I have read that mixing 15ml of honey with galon of water gives huge boost to your plants, but you can only fertilize it at the begining and flowering stage, because it helps a lot for bud formation and gives early boost for the plants. Every answer is apreacated.:nerd_face:

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I use unsulphured molasses to accomplish the same things that honey does, which is to provide sugars for the microbes to feed on in your soil.


Oh yes indeed, this is also very nice item, i will consider it buying, thank you!

Yes to feed microbes, sugars are essential, it’s why there’s so many earthworms under fruit trees.
I tried maple syrup in hydro, it had a negative effect. At the time I was willing to try anything after using several different inferior hydro fertilizers.

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