Homemade Tent Ideas?

Hey guys, so I am just weeks away from starting my first grow ever. I have decided Im gonna grow two Jack Herer (fem) seeds that I got and save the other for another grow. I also have three white widow that I might grow too at a later time… But besides the point, instead of me investing hundreds of dollars for a reflective tent that is basically set up with pcp piping, I have come to the conclusion to make my own. Since I will be growing two plants I decided to make my tent a 6’x6’ tent and rather than using a reflective material, I wanted to use plywood that I would paint satin white to avoid hot spots. And then from there since my grow location happens to be inside of an air-conditioned home, I would maybe buy an oscillating fan for the inside of the tent to mount somewhere (like a small one that can clip on to something). And then the top of the tent would remain open for my light fixture… How does this idea sound?? Any further advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Get a humidifier and make sure there will be no light pollution from the top during your dark hours.

pending local legalities growing in your house with an open topped cabinet could be bad. Have you considered odor control? When those babies start to mature they will send forth an odor that one can smell all the way out to your mail box. People get caught like that… or have their plants stolen by unscrupulous neighbors.

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