Homemade recipe for white pests

I live in the Caribbean so where cannabis has now been legalized so some products that would be recommended specifically for cannabis may not be available locally. Is there any alternative to solve these flies/what ever they are?

We are in rainy season and I have been moving my plants indoors and out while it is currently flowering.

Any pesticide treatment that contains bacteria spinosad will be safe for flowering cannabis. Captain Jacks Deadbug (spinosad) is a name brand.

Caribbean, always wanted to go there. Electricity is expensive. What are the legalities of growing there? How many plants etc…
I didn’t know it was legal. I would love an inside prospective if you have a minute.

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Thanks for the help! Just called around to see what pesticides are available.

Definitely always down to share!
Well I know here (Trinidad and Tobago) and Jamaica are legal. Now let me clarify; in Trinidad its more decriminalized than it is legal. You can grow up to 4 plants per person but if there are other adults let’s say 2 other people thats 12 plants in the household. You aren’t really allowed to sell and what not unlike when I went Jamaica every place I went people were trying to sell to me. Maybe they were skimming the laws as well for hustle who knows. There are still many grey areas on my island. One unofficial organization claiming they wanted to help individuals procure seeds, land, creating a business and all that which I don’t get since it’s not commercially set up like that yet. But maybe they have info that I don’t.

Currently the market is wide open since there are limited dank weed options and even then we aren’t sure since the traditional growers would have gotten their stock from unnamed sources illegally. Tough to trace lineage; knowing what strains are that are naturally grown here. For all we know we could have been getting reggie all our lives and don’t know lol. Only reason I would know the difference is because I’ve spent a lot of time on the west side of US. That why I’ve been keeping record of all the stuff I do feels like I’m starting my own history book lol. Need to get my hands on some good ass seeds now. I’m planning something big! lol

And na electricity is not expensive at all.

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I’ll respond in depth a bit later. Driving. PR rates were 1-2 dollars a kilowatt. Something or other. Thanks for sharing the legalities. Inside info is best.

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