Homemade RDWC scrog... Crystal & Dream Queen


Phosphorus deficiency you can tell by how the leaf is semi rusted and the way its curling also hint of a purple stem


Could it be locked out some how? It should have plenty of phosphorus in the mix at this point. That’s why I ask if somehow I have done somthing to upset the root system? I only add nutrients or ph up to the res pre mixed in with water to avoid shocking the roots. I’m kinda lost with this one.


Some of the other less affected leaves have rust colored spots all over them. I’ll try and post some pics of the other leaves to try and help.


Yes definitely could be getting locked out,

how many weeks in flower are you?


Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Crystal fem seed from ILGM

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?


System type?


PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

5.65 to 5.95

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

1400 is the high so far I shoot for 1300

Indoor or Outdoor


Light system, size?

2ea platinum p600 led

Temps; Day, Night

80 Day, 70 Night

Humidity; Day, Night

40 to 45 Day, 50 to 55 Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

Yes 6" inline 400 cfm fan with speed controler

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Room is air conditioned, no , no

Co2; Yes, No



In the fourth week now, sixth week if you count the transition weeks.


You know now that I really think about it… the only thing that has changed in the last two weeks was I switched from General Hydroponics ph up to Botanicare ph up. Witch is 29% potassium hydroxide. Not sure if this could be causing an issue?


That could be locking out phosphorus if that ratio isnt equal or Atleast close


Here is another leaf in the early stages.


@Dumme @Donaldj can one of you 2 help out here please and thanks


What are your ph levels? the ph down used should make little difference looks like

to me or possibly Cal being that you are running 5.6ph and not letting it drift much also what stage of growth flower? if so how many weeks?


Let your ph raise 6-6.1 this would help with Calcium and reduce ppm of base so you can add a PK booster your plants are eating fan leaves to get extra PK


I should have been more clear. The 5.6 ph is the lowest I have seen in the resivour and 6.18 being the highest. I try to keep it between 5.8 and 6.0 mostly all the time when I’m around the house. When I leave for the weekend is a different story and things fall down into the 5.6 range after they drink a bunch of water for a couple days with no topping off the resivour.


I’m in week 4 of flower not counting transition time and here is my current mix as of June 14th.

13 gallons RO water
170ml base
180ml bloom
120ml sweet
60ml hydroplex (0-10-6) "booster "
60ml silica blast
25ml hydroguard

After ph up to 5.95 the ppm was 1320

The ph is currently 6.08 and the ppm 1310 water temp 68°.


I would still suggest a ppm drop myself does your ppm drop or raise between top offs? if it raises that would suggest your plants are not eating as much as they drink if it drops then your ppm is possibly too low if it remains stable then you are dialled in. I would cut silica blast reduce base to 150 and bloom to 150 the reduced ppm would make the ppm less and likely easier for plants to drink eat. I use similar ratios on a 22 gal res fill in flower and never add silicate after stretch it is primarily for plant structure limbs and leafs


Ok @Donaldj I’ll give it a shot and see what happens! Thank you for the time I really appreciate it. It raises slightly btw, it remained the most stable around 1100.


@Donaldj I was reading up on silicate and some growers using it to increase resin production that was why I continued using it. What is your take on that? Just curious mostly but I will cut it from the meal plan😁


Plant uses silicate to elongate and thicken cell walls but when you consider that it has done all the leaf and stem growing by 6 weeks into flip it is bumping N and ppm without actually being used or utilized by your plants unlike in soil where silicate comes without added nutrients in hydro it is a additive which is present already in your base nutrients too much of 1 thing reduces balance of nutrients which by mid flower should be PKN rather than NPK. To increase oils and terpins most products have measures of 0.02 0.12 etc. trace amounts and mainly focus on minerals like sulfer zinc rather than NPK so there could be some truth to addition of silicate but at what concentration and natural or chemical based :wink:
I don’t mind experimenting but only when I know what control would do without the additive first


Thanks @Donaldj solid advice. :ok_hand:


Just added silicate to my res 0-0-3 NPK and max dose is 2ml a gallon recommended was 1ml a gal it works as a ph up but your dosing on a 13 gal res would still be way high at most stages of plant growth just a little food for thought when next you reach for that bottle :wink: I added 20ml to 20 gal raised my ph .2 and my flowering units ppm is 950 at roughly 5 weeks from flip 3 weeks since bloom