Homemade RDWC scrog... Crystal & Dream Queen


Loving what you’re doing. I’m a neebie on my 2nd grow in a 4x4 tent. After seeing your post I virtually want to replicate it for my next run.
I have had my mind set on a 4 pot system for months but this is changing my mind, is 4 too many? I’ll be starting from seed. I’m currently SCROGing 4x O.G Kush from seed (from ILGM) in Coco- Perlite, hand watered, Every inch of screen is full and I’ve just hit 12-12 yesterday.
My tent set up is the same as yours.
Can the whole water unit be enclosed in the tent? I don’t need chiller and want to try keep water res in tent.
Cheers and keep updates coming bro.


Hey @JayMan thanks for the love. Ya if you don’t need a chiller then yes the whole set up will fit in the tent. As for two or 4…ahhhh I don’t know 4 would be cool for multiple strains and a little less veg time . I just like to try and grow larger plants inside for some reason lol. I feel that if controlled are able to produce some very large buds. This is my first time trying to scrog in hydro and it’s been quite a hand full with all the pruning and training with how fast they grow. Trying to get the plants to fill a 2x4 area each while keeping the centers low is still somthing I’m trying to perfect. I switched to 12 12 6 days ago anticipating these things to almost double in size but we will see!


Day 8 of 12/12 and still no sighns of flowers.

May 14th


May 15th Resivour change day
13 gallons RO water = 1025 ppm ph5.85
120ml base
40ml grow
75ml bloom
20ml liquid karma
15ml silica blast
24ml hydroguard


May 16th just another day.

Crystal up skirt shot lol

Little Dream Queen leg! Haha man I’m stoned😇


Quick note if you click the pictures of the undersides of the plants you can really see the difference in structure. The seed plant builds reinforcements at every branch and the clone does not witch caused one of the larger and farther reaching branches split at the stock. No worries a couple zip ties and she is all gooood!


May 17th buds are forming!


Keep em going man they look great


May 18th

Dream Queen



So I woke up this morning to check my ph before the lights went off at 7. When I did I noticed I wasn’t doing a whole lot of “Recirculating” and my water temps had started to rise because the water couldn’t be chilled. So I got the system drained witch sucked believe me, and started at my filter to see if that was the problem and no…it wasn’t. It was at this moment I knew that the roots had made it into my lower return pipes through the grate I put on the bottom.

So my question is what do you guys use to stop roots from getting into piping? I’m thinking on making a tighter screen dome for the next go around, like a little powder sugar sifter or somthing like that. What do you guys think???


I’m using flyscreen mesh layed in the bottom of my pots, ample drainage but roots wont grow through. works a treat. Costs very little from any hardware store by the length then line the base and add your medium on top,blockage problem solved for $3. Just replace every grow.


That’s a great idea thanks @JayMan I just have to figure out how to get it in there now! Lol


Roll some up like a filter and place in the outlet pipe hole of your bucket, done!!


I’m assuming it’s a simple pull off return hose to ram “fly screen filter” in bucket outlet


I don’t have the right ingredients but this’ll give you the just of how I would fix your problem. This is the size screen I use for a 4 gallon pot which has huge holes yet 1 layer and pure Coco on top and it works perfect, no Coco comes through at all.


Ok ok I see what your saying. Well to give you an idea I used 2" shower drains with the supplied stainless steel drain screen but I see now that clearly isn’t enough. I will slip some in next time I do a res change and the buckets are empty.


May 19th

Getting BIG


May 21st first week of “real” bloom lol transition is over!!!

Res change today 13 gallons RO water
•60ml silica blast
•25ml hydroguard
•120ml base
•200ml bloom
•60ml hydroplex
•96ml sweet
I’m not going to run the liquid karma any more it seems to plug my filters to guickly. It also leaves a residue on the resivour walls I don’t really like and since I can’t really access my root zone to clean up, I will discontinue use until more knowledgeable on this setup and how it functions.


Also on a little side note…:sunglasses: my little soil tent is getting close!


Bag seeds from 10 years ago​:joy: :thinking: wonder what it is??? Hope you all enjoy!


So today I decided to super crop pretty much the entire Crystal plant :astonished: she was getting to tall for my space and I wanted more bud sites in direct light so what the hell let’s experiment and experience this together :sweat_smile:.

Let’s see what happens!

Dream Queen bud sites are looking plenty! Haha


To share and observation… I super cropped at 7pm when my lights came on and in 12 hours the tops of all the plants were looking up along with all the nodes along the branch. What I did find interesting about this was the amount of water that was consumed in that 12hrs, almost 4 gallons with temps at 75°! Soooooooo super cropped plant = thirst??? I’m no expert just sharing observations and would love to hear any feed back from anyone doing this or opinions on it. :sunglasses: happy growing