Homemade RDWC scrog... Crystal & Dream Queen


Not sure if I am doing this right but here we go. I want to share my grow with all of you after reading all of the wonderful threads and hearing accurate and positive advise, this is truly an amazing site.

Ok so I made the RDWC because I always wanted to grow in DWC but I also like to scrog. I really wanted to grow larger more mature plants that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to move. I was a little worried about not being able to check the roots after the screen install but it has not been a problem so far! Lol

          The System

4x4 tent from who knows where.
2ea platinum led p600 lights
1ea 6" fan and carbon filter
1/10 hp chiller
Stealth 300 RO water filter
3ea 5 gallon igloo water coolers
1ea 295 gph low pressure pump
1ea 4 port air pump
1ea 2 port air pump (for res)
6ea air stones

I’m running RO water with Botanicare Kind 3 part system with liquid karma, silica blast, hydroplex and hydroguard supplements.
I’m jumping in here a little late but hey better late then never! The Crystal is 45 days old from seed and the Dream Queen we will call the same age. They just started there 3rd day of 12/12.


Putting it all together


A few pics of the room


Time to get to the plants! These were both put in there net baskets on April 1st as I had a few issues with me freaking out and spinning my wheels a little to much. Lol

This is a Crystal seed from ILGM (thanks guys) :laughing:

The System all up and running!


April 8th sorry this is as early as I have for pics

This here is the Dream Queen April 8th


April 10th

Boy they grow fast when there happy April 12th
April 10th


Looking great!!
I like your setup. I’ve never done a hydro grow but it is something I’m looking into doing just scared I would screw something up.


Hey guys and gals some more pics to get you up to speed!:wink:

Sorry for the non filters photos there all I have for the time period. April 14th

April 15th
April 19th and things are going well so the light are going FULL SPECTRUM lol. Ph is always between 5.8 & 5.9 :blush: they really let you know that is there happy place! At this stage 600ppm seemed to work well. This is my first time using the Botanicare
Products and I have to say I really like them, there very versatile in how you can mix them for your needs. I ran into a cal mag problem by topping off the resivour two HOT days in a row with straight RO water, I just added 40ml of the Kind base and it stopped in its tracks. So now I do a 1 and 1 schedule when topping off (one day straight water the next if needed with nutrients).


I belive this is April 23rd. I’m slowly making the lowest branches stretch outward while helping fresh growth catch light with a little pruning each day.

Crystal seed from ILGM about 4 weeks old on April 26th

This is a Dream Queen clone from Dark Heart Nursery about 4 weeks old. The Dream Queen is much different from the Crystal witch makes this kinda fun for me. Dream Queen is very submissive and easy to bend around the net where the genetics of the Crystal being heavy indica it literally just pushes the net up like a body builder or somthing! Lol


I hear ya! This is my first attempt at hydro and it’s paying off so far it really is waaaaaay faster. It’s not as hard as it looks and with all the info on this site it’s like baking a cake!


May 3rd

May the 4th be with you.

May 5th

May 6th

May 7th

May 9th and we’re almost up to date! Things have come along way in a hurry so I added a second wire type screen to help support things when they get heavy.


Ok so I added some duct tape to my resivour lid because it looked like alge was forming around one of my air line holes. The resivour is much darker now and it has gone away for now. Ok so I forgot to snap a pic this morning but I have one from yesterday.

This is what they looked like when they went to bed yesterday morning. I could not be happier with the results I just hope these lights have what it takes to make some nice flowers.:sunglasses:


The Dream Queen trunk lol


Crystal’s not to shabby herself!


The nutrient level as of this morning was 900ppm and has been holding a steady 5.88 since I started using Silica Blast last week and I’m digging it. Ph used to fall way down when they would drink heavy on a hot day, one day between the two of them they drunk 3 gallons of water in 12hrs!!! That took the ph from 6.0 (I set it high for the day knowing it was gonna be hot and this might happen) and it was at 5.34 by the end of the day!


I need some bud pics in here! Lol This is some stuff I have going in a 2x4 soil tent… all seeds unknown mystery box seeds from the years. Oh boy so much fun I love this stuff!!!


Thanks for the love @Hogmaster


It’s well deserved my friend looks great keep up the good work can’t wait to see your final results


Ok so this is what went down today! Topping of the res with 3 gallons of water ph 5.88 added 18ml of grow, 18ml of bloom, 6ml silica blast, 12ml liquid karma and 6 ml of hydroguard😉. Plants looking healthy and strong, today marks day 6 of 12/12 and they are stretching!

I can’t get over the stocks on these girls! Never had this size indoors with soil.

May 12th


May 13th