Homemade PVC Scrog

Here is my new homemade Scrog net. I placed it over the larger squared one that came in kit. This ones tight. About to start week 7 of Veg.
Any suggestions? Stay Healthy!


I haven’t scrogged before but it looks good

Looks good, just train to the screen for now.

Here is another option. The corner connectors are 1" 4 way Tee fittings. It slides along the tent posts and U can leave in when not used

I may have been able to get by w/ 3/4" but wanted to make sure they were large enough for the pulley clips and to move past where the tent posts fasten together


That’s a really good option. Creativity and cabin fever make MacGyvers of us! Mine is adjustable as I attached zip ties so it can slide. Stuck at home indefinitely. Grateful for the hobby