Homemade grow starter

In case anyone is interested this is a grow starter I made for about 20 bucks. It’s a kitchen vent hood that I found at a junkyard. The tub is from Walmart. The lights I bought online for about a dollar fifty each and took the covers off of them. I got the fan from a junkyard computer. The power supply to drive the fan costs 3 dollars. The it is great to grow up to 4 weeks for most plants. The lights out about 5,000 lumens at the plant top with almost zero heat.


That is cheap but I think is to small, the lights are not so powerful (you need at least 35 real watts per square feet. Just my opinion. I hope I’m wrong… Let me know how you end this grow :+1:

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It supports 10 plants for about a month with no stretching. Obviously they will be rootbound but by following Roberts advice on YouTube about unbinding roots by gently squeezing the root area to loosen them up when transplanting, 8 out of 10 plants are 6 feet tall.



I’m poor so I have to think my way through stuff rather than spend my way through. You can also use 25 watt CFLs. 8 of them put out good light, but are much hotter than the LEDs. I had to run a cheapo humidifier I got at Aldi grocery store when I ran the CFLs to keep the plants happy. The computer fan has no problem with it as long as it’s just a light fog


Same problem with money :+1:, but I do my best for keeping my hobby in a good place :joy:.
What is the real power of that led lights.?


What’s the color temp of the lights? Assuming they are just standard led bulbs with diffuser removed?

90 watts for all 8 bulbs.

They are standard bulbs. Light spectrum is supposed to be warm white according to the box they came in. My light meter shows almost full spectrum at 5,000 lux.

The real watts?

92 Watts. The plants seem to like it. The A H is 5 days out of the dirt


Pretty much any white led is going to be full spectrum. If you’re not showing any stretch they should be good, but you would typically want to use colder whites for veg only. Warm white is usually referred to between 1750k and 3500k. 3500k is pretty good, not so much 1750k. As long as you’re happy with how things are working, doesn’t make sense to change anything.

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I won’t be leaving the plants in there much longer. The crappy picture is my homemade veg light. I’ve got about $125.00 in it and it puts out 650 true watts. Mostly daylight spectrum.

The seed starter is great for stealth. If the in-laws are coming over, throw a blanket over it and slide it under the table. If they’re staying a few days, sneak in and water while they’re sleeping.


Pretty neat!

The 4 bulbs look awfully orange for daylight. Can you get them horizontal? That would create a little more par and allow you to lower the lights some to boost the light intensity.

For now :wink:. When them will be in flower you will not be able to hide your grow anymore because them will smell :blush:

Oh no. It’s just for seedlings . This is my flowering room.


It’s hermetically sealed and has a big filter.

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Actually I have a small stand I built that the pan sits on to raise them up a foot or so. As soon as I can get the big diesel clone out of there, I’m going to raise the others up.

Sorry, I see your talking about my homemade veg light. The reds come out of the fixture in veg and white photography studio bulbs go in. That picture is of the light when my plants first started flowering and I put the 125 watt reds in just to get them going right. It actually works on flowering up to 4 weeks or so. The fixture can be tilted any way I need and lowered to 18" off the floor. I also made a four foot x four foot “garden stand” that will hold 12 -15 plants in veg. Getting down on the floor to water is horribly painful for me. I can use it til the plants get to 3 feet.


Absolutely do it however you feel best fits. I was just pointing out how to get a little more out of your lighting.