Homemade Grow "boxes" / Tents Wood construction

So building your grow area, anyone attempt this? A customized one to fit specific areas…building mine out of 2x4 and various materials just wanted to see if anyone else had input or done so? Any DIY guys out there? I have about 30years in woodworking so figuring I could build myself something decent and just very interested in anyone else out there that’s done this or has any tips…

Basic dimensions are 4ft wide x 3ft deep x5ft tall with a secondary station to right 2ftx2ftx3ft and below 2ftx2ftx2ft… Figuring ofcourse bigger area for Flowering then clones for smaller ones.

I’ll be running combination of HPS and LED in all spaces.

I’d really like to see some of your guys examples if any…thank you in advance and Happy Growing!

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I have a crawlspace under my main floor, it’s 4’8" in height to the floor joists. Wife said I could put my old light down there! So I need to run an electric wire from a hallway plug I have access to and add a new plug, plus build a small space for veg area (4x4 tent will now be flower only, once this is built). I plan on using cardboard boxes! And line the inside with cheap Christmas paper reversed so the white is on the inside! I won’t need a filter since veg only, no one goes down there so not worried about light leaks. Only cost will be the wire (son-in-law says he can get some free), the outlet box and plug/faceplate cover. Already have power bars and timer and a small fan. Hoping to be built next week so I can flip the tent and put my clones in there to veg! Will also move my seedling/clone area down there, part of the deal to get it out of a spare bedroom.

Pretty Mickey Duck, but cheap!

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I have a place. used 2x4 wall for a 10x10 space. Its going to awesome. And then the daughter broke up with her bf and now my grow area is full of her shit.