Homemade fish fertilizer FAA

Hi Guys and Gals a few months back i decided to make a homemade fish fertilizer ,so i went out fishing for some European carp and some tilapia i ended up with one big tilapia about 1.8kgs and i got a big carp about 2.5kgs plus i got a smaller carp about 1.5 pounds well i took these home and i scaled all the fish then i cut them up into smaller pieces then i tried to put the smaller pieces through a blender but i ended up stripping the gears in my blender Oh well anyway i put the fish into a 30 litre bucket and i put about 10 pounds of brown sugar into the bucket and i put two hand fulls of dirt from out of my worm farm to give it the bacteria and microbes that I needed to break down my fish i mixed it all around until a even coverage of sugar was all over the fish i added water to the bucket about half way i added two teaspoons of mycorrhizal to it aswell ,well after it has been sitting for about two months i went to check it today and stirred it around so i thought i will use some of this to water my veggies and my plants i have in my tent so i will see how my plants are going to react to the fish fertiliser hopefully i should have some great results .i will post some pics of the fertilizer im making and of the plants after a few days or a week so stay tuned for the results

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Here is my fish fertilizer this is what my plants look like now

And i will take new pics in a few days to show yous after they had the fish fertilizer


Plants definitely look hungry, hopefully your concoction does the trick.

The plant that is yellow looking has been that way since it popped up out of the seed its a genetic trait ive tried everything to get it to go green and its only a few leaves that are doing it im using synthetic nutrients and my ppm is 1500 the other plant is nice and green it doesnt have that colour variation like the other one plus my camera doesnt do any justice for the plants

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