Homemade edible ..... how to figure out potency?

When you buy a commercial edible it typically says how many mg of magic is in that product.

Lets say you made your own candy (or added the magic to a normal candy)

How does one figure out the potency? (ball parking of course)

It must be more complicated than simply stripping the THC…weighing the concentrate…and dividing by how many candies you made…
IE 4grams of concentrate (4000mg) used to make 100 candies = 40mg per … that sounds too easy


Well unless the product is tested you really don’t know exactly what your thc levels are.but example,
If one gram of weed is 21% thc then it’s 210 mg of thc in your edible.
So depending on how much product you are using depends on potency.
When I make edibles with let’s say one gram of concentrate its about 80% thc.
So if I make a batch of rice crispy treats I’ll add 1 gram of wax at 80% thc to 4 tbsp of coconut oil .
That is what th amount calls for in the recipe for about a 9x9 pan of rice crispy.
So once I infuse my wax in to my coconut oil i add to recipe and now I have a 9x9 pan of rice crispy treats with a total of 800mg of thc.
So if I cut 4 even squares they have 200mg of thc per square.
Hope this makes sense lol.
And sorry for the long post haha

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A properly extracted gram averages 750 mg thc.

Then the math is as straight forward as you stated.


thank you…

that formula would mean my home made tootsie rolls are approx 40mg .at best
… which makes sense because a half of one (20mg) does me fine for a few hours…

thanks again…

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