Homemade dwc trial

Started these grows awhile back though I might as well start a journal to help keep track


Very nice :heart_eyes:, they look pretty healthy :+1::ok_hand: @Firstgrow .

I see from another post you’ve made that you’re using Rx Green Solutions for nutrients. Can you tell us more about it, espacelly pH, since the compagny who made this nutrients claim that they work better at lower pH then the usaly recommandations.

Thanks in advance :relaxed:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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cool system man! I got a similar dwc/bubbleponics homemade setup kinda sorta like yours. How many grow pots you using per reservoir? I have 5 3 " pots on a 15 gal container, and they are wayyyy overcrowded. I’m thinking i can prolly go a max of 3.

Ya I use 3 max it can be a little crowded…the rd solutions I had used but I mostly let it swing up and down never above 6 or bleow 4.5 I know it says lower but I seen better results

@Firstgrow in my opinion sir which I’ve been doing this for some time but I’m no expert, but your light penetration from the photo is not getting threw the canopy enough in my opinion. So all the lower foliage and budding flowers will utilized energy and nutrients from the top budding flowers and it prevents air flow movement threw the plant as well. Now you can spread out the plant are defoliate some to clear out some of the foliage are you can have bud rot issues late in flower if you don’t control your humidity, now this is just my opinion but I’ll show you my plant :seedling: a few days ago and now cause the foliage release water vapors as it breaths in Co2 which can also cause bud rot in late flower.


What led you got there?

I have a mars hydro 300 and another MH 600 had a 70 w quasar light as well but not on


I have been reducing the canopy on the photos and doing a little pruning on the autos


Wow the bottom one is just full of buds aren’t it

They have exploded with but growth …its soon pretty