Homemade dry box

So… I posted this idea in an already existing thread but it got no traction. Here’s what I have going on. Harvesting second grow tomorrow and want to get the dry/cure right. I searched google for a DIY dry chamber and saw what someone else did and thought it would be a good idea. I altered the plans to fit my needs and spend as little as possible on this box $26. Here’s what I came up with.
Two large Depot moving boxes 22x22x22 stacked on top of each other
Four 1/4" dowels 24" long
One 4’ starter collar for HVAC
One 12x12 HVAC filter
One roll of 2" Gorilla tape
This box will sit right next to my current tent with a 4" dryer hose going into the tent to pull exhaust and give air exchange.
I stacked the boxes on top of each other for height used two dowels in bottom box and two dowels in top box to hang branches
I cut a 4" round hole in bottom corner of bottom box for the 4" starter collar
I traced the filter onto the top flaps of top box and cut hole to fit filter snug and cut a second hole in the flaps below about an inch smaller for intake filter
I then pierced four holes for the dowels about two inches below the top of each box for hanging dowels
I’m curious if anyone has tried this and how it worked or didn’t work, any input is welcome. Pics


Looks good ! That should work like a dream. And control odor.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I figured I already have a fan running so why not use to help dry buds.


The only thing I see that you might need to do is Crank the Speed of the Exhaust fan up a little more. To overcome the second filter.

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Nice set up. Here is my setup.


The dry cabinet starts around comment #23

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