Homemade co2 for indoor grow

Is it a good idea to place homemade co2 bottle in tent for 3 plants. Just a thought. Baking soda and vinegar… or sugar, water, and yeast in plastic bottle

Welcome to the forum! Depends on your growing environment. For your typical tent grow, it’s not really going to be affective. You’re going to want a sealed environment and have your lighting levels above what the plant can naturally use. Also not sure the amount of ppms the homemade bags can produce.


I’m a first timer… just soaking all the knowledge in I can before I start… waiting on all my ingredients to come for the super soil. I want to start cooking the dirt before I germinate so my seedling are not waiting around. I have a 4×3×6 tent, fan ,filter and a total of 336 watts of light… LEDs… how many can I start in this tent comfortably grow them to their greatest potential?

I have everything so far… down to the ec, ph,and TDs digital readers. Any advice I should keep in mind before I start… I’m a little nervous about nutrition maintenance with the super soil. I read learning to use and understand my ec and ph reader will help me know when I’m giving too much or too less. Is this true?

That’s an odd sized tent. You could grow 2 really good sized plants in there.

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If you’re in super soil, you shouldn’t need to worry about nutrients. It should have everything needed from veg to flower. I’ll add @Skydiver and I believe @AAA as I think they both do super soil. May need some organic teas in case of deficiencies.

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Thank you for the tag @Bobbydigital.

I use supersoil and don’t PH or test TDS. I normally feed EWC tea. If things really start to look bad, I pot up a couple of gallons in size.

The first time I did a slurry test of my supersoil it was around 2700 PPMs.

Thanks… I’m sure I’ll have tons of questions in near future

As long as you are exchanging air in the tent, atmospheric CO2 will be sufficient. You mentioned a fan and filter; are they pushing air out of the tent?

CO2 supplementation isn’t called for unless you are giving the plants an excess of light, and I’m willing to bet your LEDs aren’t providing an excess.

Your thought about a yeast colony can’t hurt. Just don’t spend to much on it because it’s unnecessary.