Homemade cabinet build

grow cabinet options. How many plants can be able too grow in a 4’ wide 6’ tall and 20"deep. cabinet. how much lighting and ventilation, what color is best for inside reflection. what seed is good for beginning. need any good advice for this application.budget build quality products

Depends on how big you want them to be an are you doing dirt or hydro

From seed 2-3 maximum. from clone you could grow 4 with a short 2 week veg time. You cannot cram plants together, they need good air circulation all around them. :slight_smile:

I’m going to use dirt. my width is 4’ and I can go 8’ on height also there is an access to the attic. which is close to my bathroom exhaust fan. it is 22" deep inside. I can make it 2 cabinets with the hight I have. I’m a welder and fabricator so I’m going to line the. walls with sheet metal and try and find some reflective paint on the inside. in all honesty I’m going for good yield and excellent product. seed choice is next in my plan. I’m battling cancer and live in Arkansas. I have marinol but not all that impressed with it and the cost for medical marijuana is currently cheaper. thank you for any idea’s and information on getting my closet ready for a cancer recovery.

I would go with some mylar instead of sheet metal I think it may hold heat and then you’ll have to worry bout temp control and added cost

Good luck on the recovery. I think he’s right about the heat being too much. Unless you move the air a lot…

I have a 2x4 tent that I use for flowering clones, breeding, and seed production. I had a couple of mother palnts in it originally and 2 plants worked out just fine. Each plant had a 2x2 space. If I only had that, I would do the same again.

5 gal DWC/bubbler with one plant per a 8 inch tophat-meshpot. I like to connect them together and use a resivior for the nutrient mix, cooling, ect work. Use a small pump to feed 1/2" lines to the top and drip tips to circ the water. Let them get about half way to the lights, net them and then turn back the lights to 11-12 hours. Depending on the strain you should have decent buds ready for harvest in a couple of months.

As the buds ripen you’ll need a carbon filter to scrub the smell from the air unless it isn’t a worry for you.

Mylar works well, flat white paint reflects light nicely also.