Home remedies for spidermites

Hi. Do you guys have any ideas for home remedies when it comes to killing spidermites? I’m currently using a mix of surgical spirit, dish soap and water and although it is killing them, they start to appear again a day later


You have to treat for several days as the eggs usually are immune to treatments. Once you break the cycle you should be fine.
Cpt’n Jacks from amazon is best bet. Safe and wont effect taste or smoke.
Dish soap residue is sticky and just makes things worse.
And a final bud wash removes Jacks much easier than soap.


Somewhere in this forum I have a post off all sorts of spray recipes I found from a late night google rabbit hole trip.

I may have saved it at home as a google doc. I’ll have to search.

@JaneQP not dealing with bugs myself but if you do find said document I would appreciate a tag as I love being knowledgeable :joy: