Home made calmag for Autos- am I raising the pH unwittingly?

I use a ratio of 5 crushed in a blender eggshells to 1 of Epsom Salts and mix with 1 litre of room temperature water.
Are there pH issues here ?

Unless your soil is very acidic…pH in the 4 range…eggshells will not provide calcium


hello there Spiney_norman

long time no hear, basically i mix epsom salts with powdered eggshells tomake home made cal-mag…i am in the region of phH 6.8 to pH 7.
did you enjoy Ideal with Johnny Vega ?

Waiting for one of my streaming services to have it.
Its not real available to me.
But it looks really funny

Prepare yourself my friend !..here ya go …please start at episode 1


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I agree, you’re probably not going to get a good amount of mobile calcium grinding egg shells.

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