Home made cage for support

Hey guys new here and just wanted to share my DIY “tomato cage” that also is working well to support my weed. First I bought a 9 gauge 8’ x 4’ wire mesh from the hardware store that is used for concrete reinforcement. Then I cut 6’ x 4’ off and bent it so there are three 2’ sides that are 4’ tall, then the left over 2’ x4’ I cut in half and used for middle and top support. This has been good for LST and bending out branches to spread out the plant. It also creates a SCROG as the plant grows up through it. Plus there are so many places to tie and attach branches to. What do you all think?


I really like that I was thinking of something the other day like that because it would work well to LST things really well.

Personally I think I would make it line the. Tent walls and then just tie things to it so you never have to remove the cage, probably should put some protectors on the sharp ends to. Make sure you don’t cut yourself or your tent.

Really good idea.


Was looking at some spare cattle panels I have laying around & thinking about messing around with them in the spring. That’s a great idea you’ve got going. I was thinking about trying to cut the main frame in three pieces & bending the wire on the sides around the back so it would fold for storage when not in use. & the center 2 pieces folding the ends to lap over the sides & back. probably have to tie them in so they couldn’t move from the plant growing or my clumsyness bumping around on it. I’ll have to throw some paint on mine from using them in the garden for several years. Love it thanks for posting the pictures.


Thanks guys, I used an angle grinder to grind down all the sharp edges for that exact reason. Filling the tent is a good idea too, will make a bigger one for next grow. Need to buy 2 full sheets to make that size. Also when not in use inside the tent I will be using for my vegetable garden in the spring. Maybe try a marijuana grow outside too and I can reuse.


Great Idea, I am into DIY