Home grown tent

my $60 tent, start to nearly finished…and the doink I am, I ask for advice, but went to clear things up and 3 hours later…TaDa!! I settled on 40 inch x 44 inch x 86 inch after seeing 600wattHPS are good for 39" x 39" up to 48" x 48" and figured my cool, dry cellar and me and all of you can make this work.
I’d have liked the mylar to have gone on smoother, soft walls made that difficult for me.

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Nice :slightly_smiling:
I love seeing diy projects that work out.

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I think it is finished…meters, lights, electricity, water, fans…ILGM received my cash for fem OG Kush seeds today (ty ILGM) so I’ll wait for them, otherwise it was gonna be auto ww, which I’ll save for outdoors in the summer, now.
Time for a dry run…


First dry run, lasted 6 hours, one fan pushing air thru light, one fan bringing in and circulating air, two 5gal. buckets bubbling…79 F, 20% rh

Second run, all above plus Safety First 360 Humidifier, been going two hours so far…77F,
42% rh

I pulled the plug after 5 to 6 hours, 75F…45 rh.

Those numbers are workable?
How much will adding plants help raise rh?

Overnight, with everything unplugged, 62F, rh 35%

Waiting for seeds. Patience, from start to finish.

It’s 24F outside…I’ll be watching for the mailman…
How big a problem are seeds left in mailboxes in freezing temps?

Is that even with extractor off?
Another question when running DWC pumps are on 24/7 so did you leave them running to test your highs lows?
And have you been watching your res temps as well?

I know seems like odd questions with no plants but like I keep saying these are all things that will factor and the more you can deal with before it’s critical the merrier. Yes having plants will increase rh greatly since as they get larger they respire water over a larger surface area so your RH will be OK.
Your low dark temp has me concerned but you are yet to run lights for what I would consider a proper dry run with timer set everything going through full cycle 18/6 20/4 etc. these longer light durations would result in light being absorbed as heat in environment that takes time to absorb and dissipate usually days to get an accurate average.

Yes, everything off, air pump too, don’t know water temp, been meaning to get buckets off concrete floor.

So today’s project, get buckets up, get a thermometer for the bucket water, start everything up and cycle a few days.

Okay, lights are on, 18/6 for a few days…

That would be most wise 2 reasons I asked if you left pump running in dark first it will raise your humidity second air running through the pump actually takes some of the pumps heat with it which dissipates in the water so a pump itself will slowly raise water temps over time light on or not :wink: most decent ph tds meters have temp display too

I found a children’s digital thermometer in a cabinet

ewwww, is the tip supposed to be brown? :fearful:



Yep, tds meter has thermometer

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lol the concrete floor will work to your advantage if bucket temps get high way cheaper than a chiller and pumps warm up water surprisingly fast however you also don’t want it too cold around 68f is a perfect temp lower and plant growth slows

I’ve read alotta this stuff, only over months, and I’ve forgotten a lot.

Maybe reading and vaping don’t work too well.

There are times I pack my table top vaporizer, start reading here, and forget it’s on.

btw, I have well water…tested yesterday ph 6.8
tds 76
No softener

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very nice by the time you add nutes will likely be using ph up more than down though it may buffer quite well so hard to say don’t forget ph up/dwn will change ppms :wink:

I’m sure mixing the first few buckets will give me grey hair…just numbers, balance them and go, but just a little nervous.
So many details, and I forget more every day.

if it were easy everyone would be doing it :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of topping, fim’ing, supercropping, gonna manifold, scrog, and mainline my first plant?

Any suggestions? :confused:

overkill if this is your first time hydro KISS you will be learning more than enough master one thing before adding more complications

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It’ll be og kush, I don’t want to let it just grow…topping is a start, LST, too…maybe the second grow for a manifold or scrog, something more, dunno.