Holy Neon Green

Whats up gang! Happy Mothers day to all the mommas out there!

Running some new gear, this is Banana Spliff from Bodhi. Sure might look cool, and I am not expert but I don’t think this is healthy LOL. Pretty much all the other girls look ok, and this might be a strain thing but still aint right.

Xplanted 5 days ago into ffof/ffhf blend. Been watering just with CalMag and PH to 6.5

Tent seems locked in, 78/55-60RH. No PPM yet as not feeding notes. Just under notch 2 on 650s, so I believe that’s 260 watts. Whats up with her? She need nitrogen? @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @Fano_man2


Looks like my plants did when i got my new good lights. How far is the light from plant and how high is the power. Looks like start of sunburn to me. Is it only on the top leaves and the unders look ok still. If so raise loght a bit or turn it down. Tell is a bit about the grow by fillong this oit.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I should call it it, as its a reg and waiting to sex. she/it was looking like this prior to moving into the tent. She was under a 135 at 2.5 ft. Now its around 260 but there is at least 4 feet right now. Only plant showing this (his/her sister/brother is a bit but not to this extent).

Id turn power down on the loght for a while til the go into flower and see if that issue stops. Sure seens like sun burn to me. If u turn light down like 50% lower it down but watch the node spacing and watch the new growth and see if the spotting goes away. Im still leaning on sunburn all under growth looks to b green just whats exposed to loght is looking weird which leads me fo sunburn. @Covertgrower @Oldguy @CMichGrower @Eagles009


Does it start at tips though? It was more evident the contrast a day ago, def at the tips much more neon.

If its light it will have to go, I can’t really compromise the others who seem to be doing well just for this one. It was a lanky one to begin with even after I culled what I thought were males. So wouldn’t break my heart, but still would like to fine tune my troubleshooting skills.

Thanks @Mark0427 hope you have an awesome day!

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@kaptain3d any idea on this one. What kind of loght is it again bud. I seen 135 then 260

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Should start with the basics.

Runoff and test ph and ppm first and foremost because these will be the biggest contributors to most problems.

Sorry, once popped and in solos they went under hlg 135 for a 3 weeks. Was waiting on main tent to clear.

Transplanted about 5 days ago, now under HLG 650, second notch which I believe they rate at 260watts, roughly 40 inches away.

If anything I would think that’s not enough. When I first moved them they looked a bit stressed from the move and intensity, so I backed down to 150, they stabilized, then I pumped it back up and they are doing fine except this one.

Thought you don’t even mess with runoff when you aren’t adding nutes? Its fresh soil so just 1tsp calmag/gallon and then I ph down to 6.5.

Nope, but some of the best people are already tagged :nerd_face:
So you should get an answer soon.


@stltimmy1979 could be a ph lockout or lack of nutrients but if it isn’t tested then everything here is just guesswork.


Makes sense. Ill water to runoff tomorrow and check. Thank you.

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You can test the ph of the soil by performing a soil slurry, check out the video. Make sure you dig below the surface a bit for a more accurate measurement.

Thanks @Dave101 I never was confident in my ability to capture good readouts on my runoff. I may try this approach Ive heard about it before.

Why are you watering with CalMag? If you are using FF, you do not need to add CalNag unless you have a deficiency. ???

Fill out the support ticket in order to get more informed advice.

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Thanks. I think it’s pretty common to add calmag to ff regiment. Worked for me last time

I use a FF soil mixture and start cal-mag early. Mainly because on my first 2 grows I didn’t and developed calcium deficiencies during Veg. Can’t say for sure that it is absolutely necessary, but since I started adding it every watering I haven’t had a issue.


I’m pretty sure FF sells a calmag supplement too