Holy crikies, look at the Trichies


So this is a continuation of my Upstate NY outdoor grow, these are my last 6 plants , I started with 13 lost 8 , started a new one late and ended up with 6, Two Blueberry Autos , 3 White widows, and something Else.!!.

This is plant 1 , a Blueberry Auto , started indoors and moved out doors two weeks too early in my mind. Plant 2 is also an Auto Blueberry that barely came back from a transplant. Plant3 is a White Widow( or is it ?) I’m thinking Royal Madre now, some how mixed into the ILGM seeed s. that was totally stunted , I almost Completely gave up on her, but she was in the same area as the rest so I gave her the same attention as the others, I am so happy I did. Plant4 is a White Widow , this is the one that got some type of leaf infection on a few of its leaves. I did nothing to resolve this problem and let the plant take care of itself, I did recently trim the plant of these leaves.
This plant has great growth. The next three are of plant 4 neighbor, right next to plant 4 is no. 5 this is a White Widow , this plant has the best growth of all the plants. The last five pics are plant no. 6 a White Widow, planted very late, she is the largest of all the plants at almost 5 feet tall, I kept her inside for a full month before transplant, she is covered in little buds.
All of these plants were started inside and planted directly in soil 2-3 weeks later. They’ve went through hell and back with Mother Nature but I stayed with them the best I could watering and visiting the Everyother day.for 3 months, I couldn’t be happier with my First ILGM grow. !!!


Nice work !


Holy batman look at them beauties , that’s impressive on how they produce out doors even being auto flowers , man they look fantastic , but outside is the sure way to get great plants and massive buds and very great quality smoke , man I wish I could pull off an outside grow , but it’s a lot of work that goes into growing out doors , bugs , mites , animals , and of course weather and positioning placement of plants , but they look awesome .


Looking good!


Thank you very much , it was A lot of work, and its not over yet !!!


Thank you very much


Absolutely beautiful… It looks tempting to just start scraping those trichies right off into a bowl lol


Yeah,the thought Did cross my mind,especially the leaves I picked off.!!!


Beautiful nature shots. The best


GREAT LOOKING GROW - Happy Harvest !!! harvest is all ways like christmass


Thanks I’m (they"re) not done yet, I"ve switched to using my digital camera , a Cannon DS 10 Powershot and love the pics, They don’t have the amber color I’m looking for so there will be more pics of hopefully Bigger buds and better angles !!



Its close to harvest , but I’m hoping for another week or two before I decide the Harvest.


Nice job @FyshhTrap


Thanks , it aint over yet!!


I Love what I see, you have done a fantastic job . Be sure to post post harvest results.


Oh yes, absolutely, lots more pics and harvesting shots are sure to come , thank you. !!


Just checked on the ladies after four days, I watered them and had to go out of town and knowing there was going to be a little rain in the forecast. Holy good God, They Blew right up !! I only got to see them at night but, plant number four is bending under her growth number five is off the Hook and the Big tree White Widow now looks like a Pine tree with buds !!!
Cant wait to get new pics and really check on the Amber development !!!


So I"ve decided to harvest 4 out of six plants tomorrow, I’m leaving number 3 and number 6 for another week to 9 days.
And this is what I"ve got to date.

The first set are the Auto Blue Berry, Both will be harvested tomorrow This next one I’m not to sure of, I think it may be a Royal Madre, as it is Completely different from the rest of the White Widows and Blue Berry Autos.


Thinking about this one for Oct. Bud of the Month post !!


Just thought I"d add some more pics to the Post